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You hear the song, you're dead.

—— Tuffnut naming the Death Song in Imperfect Harmony

The Death Song is a Mystery Class dragon that is featured in DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful species of dragon.

Official Description

Death Song

Rather than shooting fire, the Death Song spits a thick amber-like substance at its prey to form an impenetrable cocoon.

Although deceptively beautiful in appearance and melody, the Death Song has a lethal quality that is reminiscent of the Black Widow. Inhabiting a lush island beyond the archipelago, the dragon vocalizes its beautiful and hypnotic siren call in order to lure other dragons, which it then targets as prey. Rather than using fire to attack, the Death Song spits out a liquid substance that traps and preserves victims as it hardens into a stiff amber cocoon that is penetrable only by flame. Typically, the Death Song chooses to entrap dragons only, but it also preys upon any human unfortunate enough to make its way to its island. Its key weaknesses are Thunderdrums, which find themselves mostly immune to the Death Song's lethal lullaby due to its poor hearing, and small enclosed spaces which can render it vulnerable to its own song.

—— Dragopedia

This Dragon uses his melodic call to lure his targets into the dense jungles of Melody Island. There, he can watch as they search for the source of the song.

—— Dragons: Rise of Berk


This dragon will lure you in with it's enchanting melody, then immobilize you with a ferocious strike.

—— Rise of Berk

The Slithersong shoots its opponents with an amber attack that will harden and leave them unable to move.

—— Rise of Berk Battle Text

Physical Appearance

Death Song

The Death Song has a long, slender body. Its wings resemble that of a Thunderdrum. It has a tail that is very reminiscent of a Monstrous Nightmare. Its body resembles that of a Timberjack, as it is very thin. The Death Song has the striking and bright colors of blue, yellow and orange on both its wings and its tail. It has spikes that run along its back.


While in Rise of Berk the Slithersong appears to have no differences from the Death Song (other than its coloration), in School of Dragons the Slithersong has some clear distinct features. As it appeared in School of Dragons, the Slithersong had proportionally smaller wings and flaps them much faster. The pattern on the wings is also different from the Death Song, the lower jaw is wider, there are characteristic dark spots around the eye, and the main body is completely blue while the patterns and stripes are black. The legs are thinner and the spines on its back are bigger and thicker too. Also, in the game, this dragon's movement pattern is very different from the Death Song.


Baby Abilities


As shown as a baby, their song is very loud and is based on others of their kind and on listening to adults. This is proven by Garff, as he listened to the Riders' songs and mimics them.

Endurance and Stamina

As a baby, it has been shown by Garff that they are able to take a tail whip from an adult Death Song to a terrain wall and get back up. As for their stamina, for hatchlings they are able to fly for quite a while.


Just like adults, the babies are able to shoot out the amber that is big enough to trap a chicken.



The Death Song uses a siren-like song to lure its prey to a remote island. The secret behind this amazing feat is the Death Song's extra cervical vertebrate. When the Death Song calls, its extra vertebrae expands into its frills, and its song is able to be projected to specific targets up to a mile away.


These are one of the possible best dragons for hunting prey as they use their siren-like song to lure their prey to trap their prey easily, as the prey is unable to brake free.


After striking its prey, the Death Song covers it in an amber-like substance which traps and preserves victims as it hardens into a stiff amber cocoon. This cocoon is so strong, it is only penetrable by flames. Afterwards, the Death Song returns to finish its prey off. It does this by breaking the prey out of the amber and then eating them.


Death Songs are able to consume medium size dragons in under a few minutes, as shown when it supposedly devoured an entire Gronckle.

Strength and Combat

Considering their size, Death Songs have strong jaw muscles, as they have been shown to lift up medium sized dragons such as the Gronckle, which weighs over a few tons. It apparently can also disconnect the amber substance from the ground with its own jaw.

They are also very powerful, as it was shown to be able to defeat a smaller Thunderdrum by swinging its tail to the mountain and was able to hold it down with no difficulties despite its heavy weight.

Endurance and Stamina

The endurance of Death Song is great enough to endure a Thunderdrum powerful roar, able to endure boulder at high speed and crash into a terrain wall and still able to fly high speed without any difficulties to chase its enemies such as Thunderdrum and Toothless for long period of time. 

Speed and Agility

Death Song have shown to be extremely fast dragon, though it's unclear that it didn't seem to be able to catch an average size Thunderdrum, though it's possible that small Thunderdrums that are the size of Thornadno are much faster then large sizes. It has been shown to be able to swing its tail around against its enemies, but has a lack of making quick turns when chasing at full speed.

Behavior and Training

Death Songs are extremely solitary. This is most likely because of the fact that they will eat any dragon who gets too close to them, including their own kind. Their preferred prey is other dragons, but they aren't adverse to eating any unwary human who strays too close to their nests. Your best chance to defeat this dragon is to ride a Thunderdrum, which is mostly immune to the Death Song's song. This is because a Thunderdrum's hearing is so poor that they are unable to hear their lullaby. Death Songs also struggle with small spaces, as they can be affected by the echo of their own song.

Unlike most dragons, the Death Song will abandon its young not long after hatching.

It's unknown if Death Songs can be trained but it could be possible with a baby Death Song like Garff as he was mimicking the trainers, songs as it could be one way to be train. As a baby Death Song, Garff was able to be calm from listening to the songs of the trainers as he can sing those songs by screeching. Garff has shown that singing can cause a bond with humans like a bond with Heather.

Notable Death Songs

  • The first Death Song encountered (see Imperfect Harmony)
  • Garffiljorg (see Tone Death)
  • Garff's adoptive dragon (see Tone Death)


  • Though it's stated that Death Songs abandon their young, in Tone Death, the riders managed to get a Death Song to adopt a baby Death Song that wasn't even its own.
  • The Death Song is the fourth franchise dragon to have "Death" in its name, and the first dragon to have the word "Death" at the beginning of the name.
  • This is the fourth dragon that appears to eat other dragons, the first being the Red Death, the second being the Scauldron, and the third being the Changewing.
  • This dragon was named by Tuffnut. However, Fishlegs wanted to call it the Songwing.
    • This was an internal joke from the producers as the Death Song was originally called Songwing, but they later renamed the species.
    • The Death Song is the second dragon named by Tuffnut. The first was the Screaming Death. Coincidentally enough, both species have the word "death" somewhere in their names.
  • The Death Song tends to aim at its victim's body, but spares the head. It is possible that the Death Song likes to eat its prey alive.
  • It seems very unlikely that a Death Song can eat a full grown Gronckle in minutes. It is possible that it heard the gang talking to each other and came back before it could eat it.
  • The amber of the Death Song was described as "golden liquid" in School of Dragons.
  • In School of Dragons, the Death Song is considered an invasive species in Berk.
  • A legend of the Death Song's origins is told by the Vikings of Berk. It is called The Dragon Valkyrie.
  • In School of Dragons, it is revealed that the Death Song can eat eels without getting sick, like the Typhoomerang.
  • The Death Song is, so far, the only dragon that shoots amber.
  • It's strange how easily the Death Song defeated a Thunderdrum, since they were stated to be its main weaknesses
  • The Death Song is one of the few dragons that doesn't have forked tongue.



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