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中文名 (无数据)
英文名 Foreverwing
分类 未定种
特征 Wood-like Skin
Covered in Foliage and Trees
颜色 Light Brown
体型 Gigantic
喷吐物类型 (无此能力)
发射次数上限 (无数据)
栖息地 Mountain Sides
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The Foreverwing is a Mystery Class[1] dragon introduced in Rise of Berk. The Foreverwing is said to share a special, almost telepathic connection with Hiccup.


The Foreverwing resides in a mountain side hidden by trees and rocks. It is the perfect camouflage for this Dragon, which would rather spend its time sleeping! So make sure it’s not disturbed!


The Foreverwing is a colossal dragon. It has a woody brown colour and the what seems to be like branches at the back of its head and below its chin. These 'branch-like' objects resemble hair and a beard. With small, kind eyes and an aged appearance, this dragons looks rather old and wise. The Foreverwing has thick foliage such as trees and vegetation on its back. 



The Foreverwing uses the foliage on its back as camouflage that leads others to think that it is just part of a mountain side. The dense foliage on its back covers almost its entire body, except for its head and limbs. Their body, by itself, resembles wood and earth. Thus, even when its head is revealed, it is hard to spot a Foreverwing. This may help it hunt, escape, or even simply get some sleep undisturbed.


The Foreverwing, like the Red Death, the Bewilderbeast, the Screaming Death and other alpha species, have loyal subjects under its command; the Foreverwings are known as Seedling Dragons. The Foreverwing seems to be a benevolent leader, and does not treat its subject dragons harshly. They are seen openly flying around it in most of its artwork.


The Foreverwing is capable of telepathy and according to Rise of Berk, it shares a special, nearly telepathic connection with Hiccup, though why or how this is done is unknown.


The Foreverwing enjoys sleeping most of the time and does not like to be disturbed. Its stillness when sleeping also contributes to its great camouflaging abilities. This dragon appears to be lazy and has a huge temper when it is awakened without its consent.


  • For some reason, one of the Foreverwing's feet is often seen inside a cave. Why it keeps it there is unknown, but it could be a referenced to a turtle or tortoise because the mountain side acts as a shell.
  • The vegetation on the Foreverwing's back might relate to Fishlegs' description from the first movie of a dragon that had spines that looked like trees.
  • The Foreverwing is the first titanic dragon that was created in Rise of Berk.
  • It is unknown what kind of fire it breathes or if it even breathes fire at all.