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(利刺纲 / Sharp Class)

DIS 龙族信息系统
中文名 穿雨龙
英文名 Stormcutter
分类 Sharp
特征 2 pairs of wings
Head frills
"Smashed" face
Tail fins that look like the tail of an airplane
特殊能力 Exceptional maneuverability and diving
Prehensile claws
Twisting head about 180°
颜色 Woody brown body, cream underbelly and blue highlights
Bright lilac and white hints on wings and underbelly
体型 Large: 31 feet (9.4 meters) long
48 feet (14.6 meters) wingspan
喷吐物类型 (无此能力)
发射次数上限 (无数据)
栖息地 Unknown
可驯服性 Yes
攻击值 6
速度值 8
护甲值 4
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The Stormcutter is a Sharp Class dragon that was first introduced in the second film. These dragons resemble owls and display two pairs of wings that form an 'X' when flying. 

Dragon Appearance

Stormcutters are known for their large size and two pairs of wings. They have owl mannerisms and a second set of wings under their main ones that can split and become an "X". Stormcutter dragons walk on this second set of wings and their hind legs. The wings can also come close together so they can be like one main pair. They have a very muscular and sturdy build. Their face has two long spines that branch off their brow to the side and they have a "smashed" face, kind of like an owl. You could also call them brachycephalic. They have a three-finned tail and also have many spines down their back and a large "crown" on their head that makes them look even more menacing. 


They are intelligent, proud, and confident but can be sweet and friendly. They can be aggressive and are also quite curious. Stormcutters have the ability to turn their heads 180°, much like an owl


Thanks to their unique body structure and heavy build, the Stormcutter is indeed a very sharp, formidable hunter and fighter.

Speed and Agility

Their 'X-wing' beats up and down in sync and are probably used for extremely tight turns and maneuvers and for fighting foes. This body structure allows them to demonstrate accurate flight techniques such as navigating through narrow and complicated spaces, or hovering and even rest in mid-air. Having four wings allows for exceptional maneuverability. When they even walk they use their lower wings as forelegs while holding their upper wings against their sides.

Rotating Head

They have the unique ability to rotate their heads about 180 degrees. By doing so, there is no way to hide from a Stormcutter.

Fire Power

Stormcutter's fire breath

See also Fire Types.

Stormcutters can shoot a sustained torus of fire which creates a tornado-shaped fire.


They also have fore-talons on their wings that are hooked and can be used to pick dragon trap locks or destroy an entire war machine. Their sharp talons are helpful to climb on mountains even upside down as shown by Cloudjumper to be like bats.Their strength was shown by Cloudjumper, in a deleted scene he was able to rip apart one of Drago's war machines.

Unlocking Traps

Their sharp like hooked pincers at the tips of wings are dextours enough to gingerly pick the lock of a dragon trap.


Stormcutters can quickly understand between difference of person that is threat or not as Cloudjumper knew that baby Hiccup and Valka were harmless but Stoick wasn't the complete opposite. Cloudjumper also was stated by Valka that he didn't believe that Valka wasn't happy at Berk as she was believes dragons are harmless creatures. 

Titan Wing

Source: Dragons: Rise of Berk

Titan Stormcutters look very similar to an adult Stormcutter, apart from differences in color and size. They have brown, leather-like scales. Their wings are red near its body and gradually lightens into pale pink towards the edge. It has a larger crown and tail fin. The spines along their back are bright red and larger.

Known Stormcutters


  • The Stormcutter is able to hover in midair like the Gronckle.
  • In The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2, it is revealed that Stormcutters have iridescent scales like a fish.
  • Stormcutter's ability to rotate their head is inspired from an owl.
  • The Stormcutter's four wings may have been inspired by the Starfighter ships from Star Wars.
  • The only Stormcutter seen throughout the entire course of the second movie is Valka's dragon, Cloudjumper.
  • It is the third dragon that can stay upside down like a bat, the first being the Night Fury and the second being the Speed Stinger.
  • Stormcutters like Cloudjumper seem to display a more serious personality as opposed to Toothless' more playful personality.
  • According to a few merchandise, it is possible that Stormcutters used to be a dragon of the Mystery Class or just an error.
  • In Rise of Berk, as a baby, the Stormcutter only have two wings.


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