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Welcome to How To Train Your Dragon Chinese Wiki, we hope you have a good time. In china, there are a huge number of httyd fans, we think it will be very nice if we had a good communication.

This is the help page for English-apeaking users, if you want to visit the main page of our wiki, please click here.

Using chinese(now it is simplified chinese), we a trying to provide a high quailty information about this great animation work to httyd fans who can speak chinese. And we will also offer news from the offical social desktops. The admins will check the pages everyday, if you want to send us any messages(english or chinese(T/S)), you can put them at the URL:Talk.

About Editing Entries

If you want to edit any pages at this wiki, just try, but DO remember, please DO NOT write things in english(or other languages) and translate it to chinese with any translation program(such as google translate or anything else). About the rules of editing(Chinese)

About bad english

All the admins here are not the native english speaker, so we may made some mistakes about the grammer and something else. If anyone find there is any "bad English" here, we will appreciate it if you let us know.


Have fun there!

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