在几个小时前我们的寿星Dean Deblois——《驯龙高手》系列的编剧兼导演——在Reddit论坛上做了一次AMA【Ask Me Anything】问答,针对前一个小时放出的驯龙高手3预告片做出解答。
1. Will there be references to Race to the edge in how to train your dragon 3 or how do you feel race to the edge interpreted what happened between the first and second movie?


【I would agree with the latter. I would say Race to the Edge deals with what the first two movies go over. The film trilogy tends to stick to its film characters and script. Although we do tend to maintain to the universe.


2. Does Hiccup and Astrid get married and find The Hidden World while on their honeymoon?


【The movie promises future developments for Hiccup and Astrid but to say anymore would be a spoiler. The Hicstrid fans will be happy.


3. I've heard it said that HTTYD1 was about a boy finding his best friend, and HTTYD2 was about a boy becoming a man. So does part 3 have a similar theme?


【It was very deliberate that each installment of Hiccup’s growth features a rite of passage. The first movie was about learning to accept yourself, in spite of your weaknesses. The second movie was about the transition of youthful abandon to adulthood. The third movie focuses on — it’s about finding the courage to let go. That in itself is a universal rite of passage. Whether they are faced with letting go of insecurities, or those who follow their destiny.


4. Without giving too much away, how much of the draft that Spielberg read is still in the film?



【The movie is largely the same. With some of the details altered as characters evolved. We hope to show him the film soon, and we hope he still likes it as much as when he read the draft.


5. Is there more to Grimmel than meets the eye? From the trailer he seems very one-dimensional and only evil for the sake of being evil.

What is the official name of the "Light Fury"? Is she an albino Night Fury? Did she lose her pigmintation because she's been underground for so long? Will this be explained in the movie?


"Light Fury”有没有学名?她是否是一只白化夜煞?她失去了色素是因为她在地下呆的时间过长吗?电影中有解释吗?

【To your first question, yes the intention was to make Grimmel dimensional and interesting. He’s not only cunning, he can be charming and witty. He’s also very accomplished and confident in his ability. For this film, we wanted an intelligent nemesis for Hiccup. And, F. Murray Abraham is incredible in the role.

To your second question. The Light Fury is a species name given to her by Hiccup and Astrid. We deliberately didn’t give her a personal name, because we wanted to keep her wild. She isn’t a night Fury, she’s a variation of the species with her own traits and abilities. Unlike toothless, she is not the last of her kind.

第一个问题,是的,我们的目的就是把格里梅尔塑造得多面又有趣。他不只是狡诈,也有他迷人并风趣的一面。他技巧纯熟,对自己的能力充满着信心。在这部电影里我们想要为希卡普找到一个非常有智慧的对手。现在看来F. Murray Abraham(Grimmel配音)是很能胜任的。

第二个问题,Light Fury是小嗝嗝和阿斯翠给她起的特别名字。我们不想给她一个特别的称呼,目的是让她保持狂野。她不是一只夜煞,而是一个变种,有着自己的特点与能力。与无牙不同的是,她不是最后一只Light Fury.】

6. Dean, the first two movies definitely made us all feel like children again, and knowing that this is the last one (and taking into account what Spielberg said) we may not be emotionally ready for what the movie brings. But for you, how does it feel like to bring this amazing trilogy to an end?


【Well, thank you for the kind words! It’s going to be an emotional conclusion for all of us. Many on the crew have been a part of this trilogy for a decade or more. We’ve come to love these characters and this world that we get to play in. From the moment I was asked to come up with ideas for a sequel, the commitment for a trilogy that tells Hiccup’s and Toothless’ story in three acts was embraced and supported. So bringing the story to a close with integrity makes us all feel very proud. It will definitely be very emotional for us as well.


7. Hi Dean, I just watched the trailer and had no idea there would be a 3rd movie. In the trailer he says “there were dragons when I was a boy”, how much on a scale from 1 to 10, will I be crying from this film? (10 being the most tears!!)

迪恩你好,我刚刚看完预告片,之前我都没意识到还有驯3。在预告片里面我听到了那句“there were dragons when I was a boy”。如果以10分为满分打分,我会哭成什么样子?(10分肯定是泪流满面)

【We’re hoping for a solid 10. I’m always a little disappointed when someone says, "I didn't cry when I watched your film."


8. Can you tell us what was the inspiration of the hidden world? is there any place in particular you got the design idea from? Thank you!


【The hidden world is a combination of fantasy elements grounded in real world physics. It features fungi and bioluminescence and coral, to give it an otherworldly feel. And yet, the idea was to create a believable world that could exist beneath our own. As with everything in the How To Train Your Dragon universe, we rely on credible earthly physics and elements, without ever going to something magical. The hole in the sea that is featured in the trailer, is in fact... A massive volcanic caldera that serves as a gateway to an endless maze of chambers and tunnels that work their way around the world.


9. What would you say is the best part about working in the animation industry? Seeing you go from Lilo and Stitch to the beautifully ambitious Dragons franchise is quite something. It seems like so many different genres can be interpreted throughout this art form--that's the appeal of it from my point of view.


【The best part about working in animation is that it’s ever-evolving. I was trained in classical hand drawn animation, and it continues to be an education with every film. Our technology improves every year. We get to test it and explore and push the boundaries. It’s gotten to the point where if you can dream it, you can make it. That’s pretty exciting. To your second question — You’re right. We can tackle about any genre in animation. Which truly makes it a medium, than a genre that is so often referred to.


10. Dean, tell us the importance of John Powell's music and Jonsi's voice and the perfect match these sounds bring to the series.

Dean,请告诉我们John Powell的音乐、Jonsi的歌声有多重要,以及他们完美的合作为驯龙高手带来了什么。

I’ve been a long Sigur Ros fan, and that led to me meeting the band and doing a couple film projects with them about a decade ago. As a result, Jonsi and I became good friends. As a result, I invited him to contribute some music to both films. He will be again working with John Powell on original music for this third installment of the trilogy. He is perhaps the most talented person I know and a huge inspiration.

我一直都很喜欢Sigur Ros【乐队,Jonsi为主唱】,这促使我在大约十年前去见了他们,和他们进行了合作。结果Jonsi和我就变成了好朋友,我也就邀请他来为驯1和驯2创作音乐。他将会再次与鲍威尔为驯3创作原声带,他或许是我见过的最有天分的人了,也对我有着巨大的启发。

11. Hi Dean! Thank you for doing this AMA! So pumped for the film! What is your screenwriting process and what advice would you have for anyone wanting to write a script?


【I spend a lot of time in the outline, going over the structure with a fine toothed comb. Once I feel good about the structure, I go to the script. I recommend Blake Schneider’s Save the Cat Books to anyone who is interested in screenwriting, because they offer a lot of sage advice in a fun and easy to digest and apply way.


12. I read somewhere that for the production of the first movie, there was a "script" for Toothless for what he would say in certain scenes. Does this script still exist somewhere? I would love to read that. 


【Yes. Since the beginning we’ve tried to incorporate “dialogue” for toothless and the other dragons, so that the animators could interpret the intent behind the grunts, gurgles, and roars. It has also been helpful to Randy Thom, our sound designer, in the crafting of those sounds. I’m not sure that those verbal descriptions exist in the final drafts of any of the films, but they were there to help us in the making of.

的确存在。最开始我们尝试给无牙和其他龙类弄出一些对话,这样动画师就可以理解龙类的每一次咕哝、咯咯声和咆哮背后所要表达的含义了。这也让我们的声音设计师Randy Thom能更好的去设计这些声音。我不确定这种剧本现在还存在没有,但是的确起到了很大的作用。】

So is Randy Thom and Rodger Deakins both still on the crew for this third installment? That is the audio-visual 1-2 punch knockout right there.

那Randy Thom和Rodger Deakins现在还在剧组里?这可真是太好了。

【I’m happy to report that Randy Thom and Roger Deakins are working away on the film as we speak. It is such an honor to have these powerhouses onboard as part of our team. It’s like a masterclass anytime we get to spend time with them.


13. Both movies have such inspirational and resonant family values, so what’s your strategy in creating such uplifting messages?


【I guess my philosophy is that all storytelling should touch you emotionally — no matter how whimsical or absurd the premise. My priority when working on a story is to find some genuine emotional and often disarming moment that will make the whole thing have a greater value, than it may seem to have at face value. Channeling experiences from your own life is one of the best ways to accomplish that. So as it has often been said, “Write from the heart.”


14. When will come out the second trailer?


【There will be a second trailer closer to the release of the movie. We're not sure when yet!



1) Without spoilers was there any big worries you had or challengers you had to overcome while making the final instalment to the dragon franchise.

2) How closely will this tie in with the ending of the books



【The greatest challenge of the third film was to explain why dragons have left us in a way that won’t completely bum out the audience. There are films like E.T. that have successfully handled this delicate story challenge and they’ve gone on to become indelible parts of our culture. We hope that this third film will rise to that challenge and leave the audience feeling moved and satisfied.

I took inspiration from Cressida Cowell when she visited our production team on the first film. She told me at the time that she was working on the last book of her series. One that would explain what happened to dragons and why they are no more. And though our narratives differ, the ambition to close this chapter and resolve that question remain a driving force in developing the trilogy.


Cressida Cowell【原著作者】来参观我们第一部电影的制作的时候,给了我一些灵感。她告诉我那时候她在写这个系列的大结局,这一本书会解释龙族出了什么事,为什么会消失。尽管我们的故事会有所区别,但是共同点是我们有着让这个宏大的史诗世界彻底完结的雄心,并且希望能够解决这个最终问题,在三部曲的创作中,这一直是我们的动力。】

16. Will Valka be in the movie ? I didn't see her in the trailer :/


【Yes, Valka has now become a part of the Berk community. Training Hiccup, Astrid, and the rest of gang to become capable dragon rescuers. Cate Blanchett has reprised her role, and as always, has done a wonderful job bringing the character to life.

会的,瓦尔卡现在也是博克岛的一部分了。她要教导小嗝嗝、阿斯翠还有剩下的龙骑士,如何成为合格的龙族拯救者。Cate Blanchett【瓦尔卡的配音】已经回归,并再次让这个形象鲜活起来。】


17. What did you have for breakfast?





18. My question is what is next for you as a director? More live-action stuff? or Animation? And one more for good luck, what will become of HTTYD after this last installment?


【I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing next, but I have my own hopper of projects that I work on when things cool down. A few of them that I would love to get going, if possible. Some are live action, a few are hybrid films, and a couple of animated ones as well. It’s all about finding a great story. As far as the Dragon films go, I’m super proud to have imparted them. It’s been an amazing and educational decade of working with some of the best artists in the world.

我还不是很确定接下来会做什么,但是我可能会先把一些小计划给做完,如果可能的话。里面有些动作片,有Hybird Film(结合纪录片与电影的一种新兴影视类型),还有一些动画。重点就是要找到好故事。至于对于《驯龙高手》,我为我所做的感到自豪。和这些世界顶尖的艺术家的合作带给我的是奇妙而富有教育意义的十年。】

19.Dean, can you give us (animators/filmmakers) any words of encouragement and/or advice?


【Animation is a field in which your work speaks for you. The dedication and time spent honing your craft pays dividends down the line, but it requires some patience. Don’t waste your time with networking. Your work and reputation will speak for itself. It’s a great field to be in — it’s rewarding to be a part of a team that transports its audience and inspires future generations to tell stories... that’s also a lot of fun.



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