英文名 Gothi
性别 Female
身高 4'2"[1]
骑宠 Terrible Terrors
Gothi's Gronckle
武器 Staff[1]
物种 Human
盟友 Stoick the Vast
派系 Hairy Hooligans
现状 Alive
配音者 Angela Bartys
首次出场 How to Train Your Dragon
末次出场 How to Train Your Dragon 2



古稀是《驯龙高手》系列中的一个角色。她是一个长者形象。她充当着引导维京人一些重大事件和一些人物的诞生,比如说成为一个首领或者教你如何杀死一只烈焰狂魔,避过瘟疫,在首领身上留下首领徽章等。 尽管她是非常娇弱并且在剧中一直没有说过话,但是在早期世界的构成里她占了非常一大部分。当有很多神秘魔力之类的事情发生时,古稀会用她的神杖在地上写下一些古老的只有极少数维京人才能读懂的见闻。




古稀几乎不说话但很有知识和受到很高的尊敬.当大多数维京人需要紧急帮忙时都会向她寻求帮助。古稀非常喜欢恐怖,她的许多在她的小木屋里。这是一个 老寡妇拥有许多猫陪伴的模式。古稀很享受吃废料清理工的耗牛面条汤。古稀也有一个恶作剧的一面,比如用她的棍棒打人(可以作为笑点)。 她在表达语言时也疯狂地使用了相当多的不良语言,甚至让鱼脚司像Thor Bonecrusher一样,喝了穗状的牦牛膀胱来抵消打破她的神杖的代价。 在她年轻的时候,古稀也是非常喜欢冒险,总是在寻找新的东西,拥有和小嗝嗝一样的品质。

尽管她的体型和年龄都不如人意,但古稀出人意料地强壮且运动能力出众。 她能够用她的神杖努力打击别人(我的天)来作为一种防御形式,还能徒步登上冰川岛的山脉。 她也被证明是非常勇敢的,因为有一次她遇到了一个Snow Wraith,还能够继续淡定的用神杖擦脸。



古稀年轻的时候,她和另外两个维京人去了冰川岛寻找治疗用水。 然而,古稀他们随后受到了Snow Wraith的攻击。 古稀躲在雪地漂流中幸免于难。


It is her job to choose the most promising young Viking to fight the Monstrous Nightmare in the arena for the Final Exam, and if the child wins, he/she becomes a full Viking in the society. She's the one who chooses Hiccup for the graduation ceremony in the movie over Astrid. She is also seen comforting two children when the whole tribe is preparing for the battle at the Dragon's Nest.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Dragons: Riders of Berk

Animal House

In the Riders of Berk, she appeared in two episodes. The first time was when Stoick and Gobber go to her for her expertise to predict a major storm. She says that there will be a storm, referencing to Bucket's bucket, which is said to predict bad weather.

In Dragons We Trust

She made a brief appearance when Stoick announced there would be no more dragons on Berk.

Dragon Flower

When the dragons are falling mysteriously ill, Gobber suggests to go to Gothi. She says (by writing with her staff) that the dragons are allergic to something new that has just come to the island, and tells them to get rid of everything that was new.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

The Eel Effect

Gothi then went with Hiccup and the others to Healer's Island to collect ingredients and make the right medicine against the eel pox.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Gothi's scar from the Snow Wraith attack
Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2

Three years after the end of the war with the Berserkers, Gothi, despite her fear, went with Hiccup and the other riders to Glacier Island to get a Snow Wraith's tooth. Despite its ferocious attacks, Gothi was able to use her staff to get a tooth from the Snow Wraith.

Big Man on Berk

Gothi tried to hypnotize Fishlegs into believing that he was not allergic to Meatlug. Unfortunately, Fishlegs became Thor Bonecrusher and broke Gothi's staff in half and tossed it into the ocean.

Team Astrid

Gothi then train with her Gronkle and became a member of Astrid's Auxiliary Team.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

In the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Gothi watched the dragon races next to Stoick, Spitelout, and Gobber.

When sleeping with a flock of Terrible Terrors, they flew away when the Alpha arrives at Berk, waking her. Later, when the Alpha loses Toothless' challenge and leaves, she welcomes the return of her flock of Terrible Terrors, who quickly smother her. Finally, when Hiccup accepts taking over the role of Chief from his father, Gothi uses soot to draw the crest on Hiccup's forehead to officially name him as the new Chief.

Abilities and Skills

For old woman who is mute she has proven to be reliable for her village.

Intelligence and Communication skills: Unable to speak she able to write on the ground to translate but mostly Gobber and Fishlegs is able to understand. She proven to be smart enough to know that Bucket is the key for harsh blizzards coming to her village and able to give advice.[2]

Strength and Fighting Skills: She has shown to be able to hit the Snow Wraith and her skills is mostly use by her staff as her main weapon.[3]

Doctor: She is the village healer as she able to come ideas to cure horrible sickness or know what causes the problems as proven to know that something new came to the island that makes the dragons to get very sick to death[4] and knowing the cure of the eel pox.[5]

Dragon Trainer and Rider: She was able to ride on Gronckle from Astrid's teaching skills. She was having bit hard time from the harsh training she was given, but she had proven to be much greater to save the other riders.[6]


  • 高博能看得懂古稀写的鬼画符一样的东西,并能翻译,且在前两季他是唯一的一个。而鱼脚司是除之以外的另一个可以看得懂古稀书写的人。在Healer's Island上他曾翻译成过英文。As revealed in Race to the Edge, it is possible that Hiccup is able to read Gothi's writing as well. However, when speaking, Hiccup does not pay attention to her writings, so it is possible that Hiccup was guessing what she was saying, however, Hiccup did remark about an obscenity that Gothi had written.[7]
  • Gothi has two tattoos, one on her right arm and on on her right hand. The one on her appears to be a Whispering Death.
  • Gothi says absolutely nothing, she just gestures and writes in the dirt.
  • It is said that Gothi can tell when you will die by looking at your tongue.
  • Gothi was the Viking who discovered the Snow Wraith.[3]
  • It can be questioned if Gothi is mute or not, because, In HTTYD 2, She still makes sounds, such as frustrated growls, gasps and screams, all with an elderly woman's voice. While she doesn't speak in the movie, one can't make any noise at all if they're mute. Therefore, she may have forgotten how to talk or she can't talk the language.
  • As revealed in a DreamWorks Download video, 100 HTTYD Facts Only True Fans Know, Gothi is Berk's age.
  • With the release of her Terrible Terrors, it is revealed in Dragons: Rise of Berk, that Gothi can in fact speak. However, she chooses to speak Dragonese and not Norse.
  • She loves Gobber's Yak Noodle Stew.[3]



—— 鱼司脚的梦中。