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Trader Johann
中文名 商人约翰
英文名 Trader Johann
骑宠 Meatlug (briefly)
Windshear (briefly)
盟友 Viggo Grimborn
Dragon Hunters
Dragon Flyers
首次出场 "毒龙花"
末次出场 "龙之王(下)"
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“商人约翰”是一位航海商人,他不时去博客岛用他的货物来以物换物。他假装与龙骑手结盟而在暗中对他们使坏,不久被发现实际上和猎龙人是一伙的。他在博客岛的龙骑手毒龙花里首次出场。 模板:Biography





Johann may possess fighting prowess, as he claimed to have wrestled a giant squid for its ink, and was willing to act violently toward Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut for leaving him stranded in the middle of the ocean. However, despite his apparent friendly relations with Berk, he is still a businessman first, as he sold metal from a Berserker to Gobber, despite the fact the two have bad relations, implying he didn't care enough to warn them and when told it had led to all their metal being stolen as eggs were laid in the metal, he simply apologizes and says nothing can be done.

However, at the end of season 5, it is revealed that his whole kind and easily frightened personality is fake, and that he is actually evil and manipulative. He has secretly been after a dragon eye lens on Heather's belt that could lead him to the "King of Dragons ", and only begrudgingly pretended to be kind to Stoick and Berk to get close to them. Johann is also extremely patient, willing to wait for many years in order to completely gain Stoick and Berk's trust (though Snotlout has doubted him several times already). The way he acted violently towards Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut hinted at his true nature.


  • From his attire, it can be assumed he holds Middle Eastern or eastern European heritage. His name, however, is the German form of "John" ("Johan" or "Jan" is the more usual Scandinavian form).
  • Johann is the only character with an original design who has never been an antagonist at some point in the series. This was, however, proven false in Sins of the Past as it revealed he was working for the Dragon Hunters over the course of the entire franchise.
  • Although he is fascinated that Berk has trained dragons, Johann is still nervous around them, possibly due to his alliance with the Dragon Hunters.
  • He has a long scar under his left eye.
  • Johann has a habit of telling long stories about his travels.
  • He calls most male characters 'Master'
  • He calls most female characters 'Miss'
  • He claims to have visited many very far away lands such as Papua New Guinea and Palau (which could either refer to Palau, Sardinia or the Palau islands in the Pacific Ocean).