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The Egg Biter is a Sharp Class dragon that first appeared as hatchlings in the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, and made its full adult appearance in Dragons: Rise of Berk. These dragons are rarely seen as adults.


These Sharp Class Dragons are rarely seen as adults, but every Viking knows to avoid their eggs! As soon as they hatch these vicious Dragons will bite the first thing...or Viking...they see!

Dragon Appearance

Egg Biters are rather stockily built, possessing a thick tail and sturdy body. They have large blue eyes, two wings and four legs. Egg Biters come in a wide variety of colors, the most common ones include Orange and Yellow or Blue and Yellow. They have a row of spikes on the back of their heads, which become more pronounced as adults. Egg Biters have several small horns on their chins or snout. They have several bright and prominent stripes on their limbs and tails and a pale, creamy underbelly.


As its name suggests, and as it was seen in the live show, the Egg Biter bites the first thing it sees when it comes out of the egg, which in one case happened to be Snotlout's head. In Rise of Berk, it is also mentioned that Egg Biters bite the first thing they see when they hatch.

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Right before the Academy dragons battled the Gronckle for the first time, a group of Vikings were grabbing these eggs. As soon as the dragons came out of their eggs they started biting the Vikings' heads.


It would be assumed that their eggs DON'T explode because otherwise Vikings wouldn't be around, unlike other dragons eggs, so the eggs would be vulnerable to attack, or for other dragons to eat them (because they don't hatch instantly).


  • The Egg Biter is the first dragon that only appeared in the live show to later appear in the games.
  • Egg Biters bear a strong resemblance to the Rumblehorn. Though unlike most dragons with similar appearances, they are not in the same class.
  • Their eggs are the only ones in Rise of Berk to show the dragon peaking out of the shell.
  • When the dragon was first added to Rise of Berk, there was a glitch where the Egg Biter was upside-down when placed, but right-side up when sent out to collect wood/fish. It has since been corrected.
  • It says that Vikings know to avoid an Egg Biter's egg, but it would be common sense for them to avoid all dragon eggs, because dragon eggs explode. It is unknown if an Egg Biter egg explodes.