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Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man


首播平台:Cartoon Network  片长:22分钟  播出日期:2012年10月10日

评级:Footer-rating-logo.jpg TV-Y18-FV (TVPGS)

导演:John Sanford

编剧:Jim Cooper


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—— 小嗝嗝·霍杜克三世





  • 第一次出现。
  • The Fireworm makes its first appearance.




文件:Portrait of Hiccup and Stoick.png
Bucket's first portrait of Hiccup and Stoick.


He and Astrid walk away from the Great Hall and through the village, Hiccup lamenting his father likes the portrait version more than that of who he really is: even his very name proves it. Everyone knows it's Viking tradition to call runts a "hiccup". As if to prove his point a Viking herding a family of sheep along encourages a runty lamb he named Little Hiccup into his arms so it can keep up and the Viking greets Hiccup. The real Hiccup wonders what he has to do to have his father accept him for who he is; Astrid says that he does . . . he just accepts the painting more.

They walk up to Gobber's smithy and see a nervous-looking Fishlegs. He makes obvious bird calls off to the side while denying there's anything going on.

文件:Reactions to Hiccup's first portrait.png
The Viking teens reaction to the first portrait of Hiccup.

"Where are they?" asks a somewhat annoyed Hiccup. When Fishlegs switches to owl hoots, Hiccup and Astrid walk around the side themselves. He sees the twins waiting, and Snotlout climbs out the window ungracefully onto the ground, having retrieved the treasure map. After commenting on what a horrible lookout Fishlegs is, Snotlout says he can probably find the treasure. Astrid is incredulous, repeating how some of the best Vikings in history have been killed trying to find it. "And I'm next," says Snotlout proudly. Astrid is dead set against it: she wants to be around to see her next birthday. When Fishlegs says they'll be legends remembered in song, Astrid points out he'll be dead; not even Stoick, the village's greatest living warrior found it. Hiccup ponders on this fact for a moment. When he takes the treasure map Astrid thinks he will talk some sense into them. Hiccup decides it might not be a bad idea to look for the treasure. If even his dad couldn't find it, what would he say if Hiccup pulled it off: how great would that be! Astrid decides to come along anyway, says she can't leave him alone with them, pointing to Ruffnut and Tuffnut having a who-can-whack-each-other-on-the-head-the-hardest contest.

A portrait of Hamish I and his son revealing the clue, ". . . in the crook of the master's knee . . . ."

The map displays six clues, each in continuity with the previous: solving one will lead you to where to solve the next one. Snotlout reads out the first clue:

—— 第一条线索

Where the land meets the sea, in the crook of the master's knee, that's where your search will be . . . gin.
—— First clue

Hiccup notices how he saw a "crook in the master's knee" before, and takes them back to the Great Hall to the portrait of Hamish the First and Hamish the Second, where they first found the treasure map. Hiccup points out the knee of Hamish the First is bent ("crook of the master's knee") and it points towards a rock formation in the background of the painting. He guesses they have to search for a similar rock formation on the beach ("where the land meets the sea"). Riding on their Dragons, the Dragon Trainers head to that spot on the beach, where Hiccup reads the next clue:

From here you see the sea that's been sewn, look to where water turns to bone.
—— Second clue

Hiccup interprets "water turns to bone" as ice (because ice is as hard as bone, not to mention white), and exclaims the clue refers to the glacier nearby . . . and sure enough, an opening is in the top half.

Meanwhile, back in the Great Hall, Stoick and Gobber argue because Gobber hadn't destroyed the map, despite knowing the dangers. Gobber admits he thought he and Stoick could try again at searching for the treasure, as they "turned back too early" the last time; and besides, it only cost them a couple of toes (from the snowstorm incident Gobber mentioned, no doubt). Stoick gets up and tells Gobber they have to find Hiccup and the other Dragon Trainers before they get themselves killed, and walks out, asking aloud why Hiccup would do something so risky. At that question, Gobber looks over at the portrait of Hiccup and Stoick and gets a dejected expression, implying he already knows.

文件:DRoB Ep8 - Object in the Ice Revealed.jpg
The first piece of the key, found in the glacier

Back at the beach with the glacier, the Dragon Trainers have walked into a giant cavern within the ice, where Astrid points out something is embedded below. Hiccup reads out the next clue:

Call on Magni; you'll go astray. Freya, though, will show the way.
—— Third Clue

Snotlout, disregarding the clue, tries to break the ice around the object by banging his helmeted head on it. The ice cracks and sets off a trap that nearly crushes his head were it not for Hiccup spotting it triggering and yanking him back. Hiccup and Fishlegs realize Magni is known to be the God of Strength and Freya the Goddess of Fire. Hiccup has Toothless melt the ice away from the object, which turns out to be a piece of forged metal. Ruffnut asks if this is the treasure. Hiccup says it must be something that leads them to the treasure, and it is only the first piece. The cavern destabilizes; the teens make a quick getaway on their Dragons before the space partially collapses.

Stoick and Gobber, looking for the teens with Stoick's Thunderdrum, search the beach and find Toothless' prints. Gobber concludes, by sniffing sand grains, they were there an hour ago. The rumbling of the glacier's ice is all they need to figure out the Trainers found something. This only confirms Gobber had been right; he thought of the glacier too. Stoick asks why they spent a week digging in the sand, but Gobber reminds him that had been Stoick's idea. Stoick marvels how it took them a month to get to that point, while his son got farther in one afternoon. Gobber agrees, noting they've been bested by "the little hiccup", when men like them think themselves to be the "big, strong Vikings". Stoick wants to know what his friend is getting at. Gobber reminds him about the painting. Stoick puts two and two together, realizing Hiccup's out to prove himself. The three look off at the glacier.

From the flat top of a rocky spire, the teens look out over the ocean and Hiccup examines the next clue:

At the edge of the world, amidst the raging sea, in the serpent's mouth lies another key.
—— Fourth clue

After some brainstorming among them, Hiccup notices a rock jutting out of the ocean that seems similar to the picture of a serpent on the map. Hiccup is about to have Toothless take off, but Fishlegs quickly points out a Night Fury has too large a wingspan to hover in the shearing winds around the serpent; they'll only get themselves killed.  Hiccup suggests Fishlegs, who rides the small-winged Gronckle, takes him to the rock. Suspended by a rope tied to Meatlug's saddle strap, Hiccup has Fishlegs hover over the serpent's mouth where Hiccup sees a key. Out of arm's reach, Hiccup uses his prosthetic foot to flip it into the air and catches it. The gang heads toward the forest.

文件:DRoB Ep8 - The star on the brick.jpg
The "star" embedded in the stone: ". . . when the stars align."

In the forest, Hiccup discovers the keys fit together to form part of a larger key. Ruffnut asks Hiccup what he plans to do with his portion of treasure. When he replies he's not in it for the treasure, Snotlout quickly calls dibs on his share. Astrid asks Hiccup if he knows he doesn't have to find the treasure, but he tells her his father thinks otherwise; she only responds to this with a worried expression. The team reaches a cliff face with a triangular wall made of tightly-fitting stones set in it. Hiccup comments this must be the spot where the next puzzle would be, as "Why else would anybody build a wall in the middle of the woods?" He reads out the next clue:

The world is right when stars align. When not in sync, the danger you'll find.
—— Fifth clue

Snotlout complains he wouldn't want to wait until nightfall to look for the treasure. Hiccup assures him the "stars" mentioned in the clue doesn't mean literal stars since their previous clues used metaphorical language to describe things. While Hiccup tries to puzzle out the clue, Fishlegs inspects the wall, and remarks there are shapes carved into several of the stones, and those specific stones have finger grips. The other teens move toward the wall as well, and Hiccup tells them to keep an eye out for anything that looks like a star. Snotlout finds a stone with a star carved into it and starts pulling it out, but the wall shakes and trembles, threatening to collapse around them. Snotlout can't push the stone back in with his own strength, but Hookfang helps him to quickly do so after he screams for help. Hiccup reasons "in sync" means there must be another star and they must be pulled at the same time, and so asks Ruffnut and Tuffnut to take care of it. Using their twin bond, they easily and simultaneously signal Barf and Belch's dual heads to pull the stones free. The wall reveals itself to be a door as it opens up down the middle and slides back, revealing a dark cavern. Humans and Dragons enter, but when Toothless does, the door closes behind him. With the aid of two torches, they go further in, but stop when they notice an elevated change in temperature; the result of what looks to be easily a hundred Fireworms, tiny Dragons whose skin can burn hotter than the sun. The teen's Dragons rush into action when the Fireworms attack, and repel them with their fire, with Barf and Belch, Toothless and Hookfang scattering them away from the lower central area. During the fight, a ring of fire ignites and shows four pedestals in the center, each with a key piece on them. Snotlout urges Hiccup to grab them all so they can leave, but Hiccup explains it's a choice:

Something pure and something strong, look first to yourself and you won't go wrong.
—— Sixth clue

Thinking the clue narrows it down to a choice between two pieces, Fishlegs reasons that strong is the piece made of iron, but Astrid points out iron isn't pure, which would be the gold piece. The Dragons defend as they can, but Hookfang runs out, and Meatlug covers until she runs out. As Stormfly picks up the slack, Hiccup chooses the piece he sees his reflection in (look to yourself). All the Fireworms flee the room: the floor beneath Hiccup and Toothless falls through as a cave-in commences. Toothless makes the jump out from the center, but Hiccup doesn't and falls; Toothless turns around and dives after him.  Reluctantly, Astrid leaves with the others through openings Snotlout spots near the ceiling, as Fishlegs points out no one will be left to help Hiccup if they become trapped too.

At the bottom of the pit beneath the Fireworm room, Hiccup notices an oddly-shaped hole in the floor. He takes the three objects from the glacier, the serpents mouth, and the pedestal room, and puts them together, forming one key. Hiccup inserts the key into the floor then turns it, and the key rises as the top of another pedestal, which opens a secret passageway. Hiccup walks through the passage with Toothless behind him. Outside, Astrid and Fishlegs dig through the rubble from the cave-in (as Meatlug happily snaps up some of the tossed stones as snacks) in order to find Hiccup. After arriving with Gobber on his Thunderdrum, Stoick looks at the teens and recognizes the situation. Inside the cave and across a stone bridge, Hiccup and Toothless arrive in a room with a pedestal surrounded by gold: the burial room of Hamish I. On the pedestal, inside a stone ring jutting out from it, sits a rolled-up piece of parchment Hiccup pulls out and reads what's written on the outside:

This treasure was passed from father to son. I leave it to you, the next worthy one, for only a hiccup could get this far. From one to another, be proud of who you are.
—— Hamish II's message

Hiccup unrolls the parchment to reveal another portrait of Hamish I and Hamish II - a detailed illustration of the true Hamish II, a hiccup; perhaps Hamish II even made it himself. Hiccup realizes Hamish II knew only another hiccup could find the treasure: a Viking, not of muscle, but a Viking of the mind. Marveling at the vast wealth of gold, Hiccup reasons maybe being a 'hiccup' isn't such a bad thing after all. The pedestal's ring, with no parchment to hold it up, drops down and sinks the pedestal into the floor while two more pedestals rise on either side of it and several steps away from each other, one bearing a typical Viking war hammer and the other a quill. Hiccup notices another riddle on the floor:

In between the body and mind, a choice must be made on what you find. At this moment you must look to yourself, as only one path will give you true wealth.
—— Final Clue

文件:Second portrait of Hiccup and Stoick.png
Bucket's second (more accurate) portrait of Hiccup and Stoick.

Two stone pillars fall, the rubble blocking the entrance as the treasure room collapses. Hiccup realizes in order to survive, he must choose either the hammer or the quill. Hiccup makes his choice as Stoick, Astrid, and Fishlegs still dig through the rubble. Everyone outside notices a hill collapsing behind as they rush to investigate. When the dust clears, Hiccup, who chose the quill, and Toothless are all right. The quill was located in the only safe spot to stand while the hill collapsed around it. Stoick and Hiccup rush toward each other and embrace in a hug. Hiccup shows everyone the real treasure: the portrait of Hamish I and hiccup Hamish II. "That's not treasure," Snotlout says. "To a father, it is," Stoick replies. Stoick apologizes for making Hiccup feel like he had to find the treasure to prove his worth to Stoick. Hiccup replies he had to do it for himself. Stoick and Hiccup embrace each other in another hug.

The scene shifts to the Great Hall where everyone looks as Bucket replaces the original Stoick-and-Hiccup portrait with a more accurate one showing Hiccup as he truly is, wearing his Viking helmet and holding a rolled up piece of parchment with both hands in front of him. As Hiccup does the closing narration, Stoick puts his hand on his shoulder, looking as proud of his son as he does in the painting.

I've spent most of my life trying to prove to my dad that I could be his kind of Viking. As it turns out, I already was.
—— Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III


  • This episode strongly parallels the second book How to Be a Pirate. In both the book and the episode Hiccup goes on a hunt for the treasure of an extremely wealthy ancestor with a Hiccup for a son. He alone is able to succeed in the hunt when many men before him have failed, including his own father. In the treasure chamber, Hiccup finds a note written to him specifically by the one who hid the treasure, which brings him enlightenment. Both Book Hiccup and Film Hiccup choose to leave the bulk of the treasure behind, taking only a scroll and a single souvenir. And finally, they receive their fathers' wholehearted approval despite their lack of treasure.
  • 这集的名字参考了詹姆斯·乔伊斯写的一本名叫“一个青年艺术家的肖像画”的书。
  • 斯图伊克的父亲和小嗝嗝一样也失去了左腿的一部分。
  • When Stoick and Hiccup pose for the portrait, Stoick carries a sword. When the portrait is revealed, he carries a hammer and is wearing a cape, although he was never wearing one. Also, Hiccup holds a shield when posing, and holds nothing in the portrait.
  • The runic script in the map mixes the letters "w" and "h".
  • 将小嗝嗝描绘成一个壮小伙也是有一些政治上的原因的。
  • 据悉夜煞的翼展有48尺。
  • 阿斯翠和暴芙纳特在看到画像出现第一反应可能时根据女生都喜欢强壮的男人为原型来刻画的。(调整)
  • Astrid and Ruffnut's reactions to the first painting might be based on the stereotype girls prefer strong men.
  • Stoick notes Bucket became an excellent painter when he lost half of his brain to his past Dragon attack.
  • Bucket uses his fingers to paint, which obviously make his fingers covered in paint. In later scenes when he positions Hiccup and points to the duo, no paint is visible on his fingers, though its possible he washed his hands earlier after painting
  • Freya isn't the goddess of fire. In Norse mythology, she is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
    • Loki is the actual god of fire, trickery, mischief, chaos, and change.
    • Not that Norse mythology is incredibly well documented.
  • In several scenes, Stock's mustache was separated.
  • It should be noted all the obstacles the riders faced were solved with their Dragons' help. However, Hamish II hid the treasure before Berk made peace with Dragons.
  • According to this episode, Stoick and Gobber lost a few toes during their search for the treasure.
  • There are several impossibilities in the glacier scene.
    • There are corpses inside of the glacier. How did they get frozen there?
    • There is a completely decayed skeleton frozen in the glacier.
      • The body shouldn't be so decayed, instead, it should be frozen and a bit mutilated.
      • The clothes and body should be similarly decayed.
    • Glaciers move. The parts of the glacier that would have been visible from the beach (as mandated by the wording of the second clue) at the time the treasure was hidden would have cleaved off into the sea and melted long before Hiccup was born.
    • When Snotlout sets off the booby trap, there is nothing in the ice that could have possibly triggered it.
  • When Gobber finds Night Fury prints, there isn't a visible mark in the sand.
    • Though this is a common flaw throughout the entire series. Footprints are very rarely seen in either sand or snow, likely due to budget issues.
  • In the scene were the Fireworms close in on Hiccup from their point of view, Toothless is missing.
  • Fishlegs states that many of the past chiefs of Berk were killed by their successors.
  • The large gold Viking figures that are part of Hamish's treasure appear to be a life-sized Maces and Talons, similar to what is mentioned in the episode "Shell Shocked, Part 2".





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