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When I'm done, this thing is going to do things the original Dragon Eye can't even dream of doing.
—— Hiccup

Hiccup's Dragon Eye is a modernised model of the original that Hiccup created after the original one fell into the volcano. It was first hinted at in "A Matter of Perspective" and was first shown in "The Wings of War, Part 2".


Embarrassed over his obsession over the Original Dragon Eye, Hiccup tries to keep his work on the new one a secret, even from Astrid. The work is frustrating and confusing, and he almost gives up. But in "A Matter of Perspective" he's given new inspiration and is determined to finish it. In "Dawn of Destruction", Fishlegs is tempted to look under a tarp in Hiccup's hut at what he had been working on, but decides against it. When the Dragon Hunters compromise Dragon's Edge, Hiccup has Toothless destroy their hut before the Hunters see what he had been working on inside. Thankfully, Fishlegs had retrieved the pieces before the hut was burned, and returned them to him so he could finish it, despite not knowing yet what exactly it was. The Eye is revealed almost finished in "The Wings of War, Part 2" after it's found that both Viggo and the original Dragon Eye survived the volcano. Hiccup is seen working on it again in "Snuffnut" with Astrid's help, though as of now, it has yet to be seen working.


To use dragon fire to illuminate various lenses, projecting an image with extensive info and knowledge on any flat surface on thousands of different dragon species.


Similar to the original Eye, Hiccup's is made of many metal gears and glass, with the shape of a Night Fury head at the projecting end. Though, unlike the original, Hiccup's is black and red; his and Toothless' trademark colors. It also appears to have a bit more girth than the original.



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