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Class icon mystery roll.png
出处 Franchise
特征 Side horns protruding from head
Small leaf-like spines
喷吐物 Green Corrosive Acid
特殊能力 Camouflage
Prehensile tail
颜色 Red, with Orange at the edge of the wings and a Cream underbelly
体型 Medium: 59 feet 8 inch (18.2 meters), 8 feet 4 inches (2.54 meters) tall
栖息地 Temperate Rain Forests












攻击值 9
速度值 14
护甲值 1
火力值 12
发射次数上限 10
毒性值 0
下颌强度 2



幻翼龙. 即使是新孵化出来的小龙,也可以口吐酸液,杀人于百步。

Changewing. Even newly hatched dragons can spray acid. Kill on sight.

—— Hiccup reading from Book of Dragons

幻翼龙是 Mystery Class 龙,背上有 一双巨大翅膀。相貌独特,头上有角,每只眼睛的上方,长着天线形状的附肢。此龙出现于 Gem of a Different Color。也曾在电影和书本(Book of Dragons)中露面。

The Changewing is a Mystery Class dragon that has large wings on its back, horns on its face and an antennae-like appendage on top of each of its eyes. This gives the Changewing an unique appearance. This dragon appeared in Gem of a Different Color. It also had a cameo in the film, along with a section in Book of Dragons.

Dragon Appearance


Changewings are usually found red however their colors may vary. They have teeth protruding out their lip from their lower jaw and yellow eyes. They possess These horns are blue, together with a small pointy ledge on the top of its snout.

A row of sharp, blue spines run down their neck to their tail. Their wings are red with blue edges.






幻翼龙非常具有母性,为了保护自己的孩子,甘愿付出任何代价。有传说,他们会把维京小孩当做幼龙来抚养。但这仅仅被发现过一次。一只非常母爱的幻翼龙捉到了Snotlout ,用双翼抱着它他,并且和他一起玩耍。后来HiccupToothless 找到了 Snotlout ,并从幻翼龙那里带走了他。

Changewings nests in large, tall forests in packs. They group together for common goals, or in other words, they are team players, and will stop at almost nothing to remain in possession of their eggs. Also, Changewings are very curious creatures, and like to mimic everything that they see.

A Changewings egg has gem-like qualities and are green in base, but its aura glows in multiple colors. Some Vikings will mistake these for Stones of Good Fortune.

Changewings are known to be very cooperative and work together to accomplish their goals. Multiple Changewings help one another acquire one of their eggs, and do not rest or leave until all of their eggs have been found.

The way a Changewing pack works, is very much like how a lion pride works. The females do most of the hunting and fighting, as well as defending their territory.

Changewings are very maternal dragons, and will protect their young at all costs. However, they have also been known to raise Vikings as baby Changewings. This has only been seen once, when a particularly maternal Changewing captured Snotlout and cuddled and played with him until Hiccup and Toothless got her to drop him.






与多数别的龙不同,幻翼龙可以向猎物喷射聚集成股的酸液。酸液为绿色,且极具腐蚀性。几乎所有材料,在被酸液喷到后,都会瞬间灼蚀。但是,在《博克岛的骑手》里,阿尔文把小嗝嗝推向了一只幻翼龙,那只龙被囚禁着,并把酸液喷在了金属栏杆上,而栏杆并没有灼蚀。同样的情况也发生在 《飞越边界》里,鼻涕粗的头盔被灼热的幻翼龙酸液喷到,但也没有腐蚀。因此,金属对幻翼龙的酸液免疫。












They are one of best effective hunters of the dragon world as they can surround their prey from their amazing stealth. As they can chase thier prey easily to strike as proven against Night Terrors.


The Changewings skin is vulnerable to attack, as it is softer due to its color-changing properties. They can't hide if nothing is in their area for them to camouflage against, such as the sky.

When Changewings get threatened, injured, or scared, they can't control their color changes, making them easier to see.


How to Train Your Dragon

It made a cameo appearance in the film when Hiccup was looking through the Book of Dragons.

Book of Dragons Short

They are listed as one of the Mystery Class dragons, and it is confirmed that not only can Changewings spit acid, but change colors and hypnotize as well. It is also shown that Changewings are very curious dragons. They are seen in a 2D animation where one burns Bork the Bold while he is making a campfire. The Mystery Class symbol resembles one.

Dragons: Riders of Berk

The Changewings were found on a islandFishlegs, on his own "secret" island, finds a strange glowing gem while with his beloved dragon, Meatlug. Taking it back to Berk, Gobber identifies it as a "Stone of Good Fortune, (as Gobber gets "Stones of Good Fortune" and Changewing dragon eggs mixed up) causing the citizens to swarm Fishlegs, offering him valuable trades. Overwhelmed, Fishlegs, after refusing to give it to Snotlout, Fishlegs asks Hiccup to help him return it, so that he can forget all about it.

The teens, excluding Snotlout, who is secretly trailing, take it to the island, where they find many of them in nests, and Hiccup realizes that they are truly dragon eggs. Fishlegs returns it, realizing that it must've fallen from its nest and that he had separated it from its mother. When they attempt to leave, the Changewings trail them, invisible, trying to attack them using their acid. They escape, but Snotlout enters undetected and steals many of the eggs. The next day, Snotlout auctions them off, and the gang tries to convince him something terrible will happen if the eggs remain here. He ignores them and declares a "No returns" policy. The Changewings gradually show up, getting their eggs back, but destroying the village in the process. Stoick and Gobber try to fend them off, but realize that it would be impossible to attack things they can't see.

Hiccup and the gang scramble to return the eggs, and they end up with giving them all back, but the Changewings don't leave. Fishlegs realizes Snotlout has kept one and confronts him, displaying anger and strength that scares Snotlout into giving it back. Fishlegs then nervously tries to find them, and the Changewings surround Fishlegs and reclaim their egg from him. Afterwards they roar and terrify the unfortunate Viking but leave him completely unharmed. Hiccup later claimed they would need to find one so they could train it, possibly inferring they will later appear again.

A Wild Changewing was found where it hid an entrance to Bork's cave and "held Snotlout hostage" until Hiccup freed him. The Outcasts had one kept in a cage on their island which along with a caged Whispering Death and Scauldron was later used on an attack on Hiccup, Mildew, and Flystorm.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

The Outcasts used a herd of wild Changewings during a diversion, where the dragon riders chase them back to Changewing Island. In Free Scauldy, while searching for the Screaming Death, Hiccup, Fishlegs and the twins discovered a Scauldron that had been washed ashore on Changewing Island and been trapped by one wing under a pile of rocks. Despite the threat posed by the Changewings, their dragons refused to leave the Scauldron to die of dehydration, forcing Ruffnut to tame the dragon - which she named Scauldy - so that the others could remove the rocks and fashion a splint for the damaged wing.

Race to the Edge

In When Darkness Falls a pack of wild Changewings attack the Night Terrors but they retreat when Smidvarg came and make the formation of the big Night Terror.

In Night of the Hunters, Part 1, the riders try to capture a wild Changewing to use its acid to unlock the Dragon Eye. Unfortunately, the Changewing is scared away by Tuffnut but not before shooting acid on Snotlout's helmet.

In Enemy of My Enemy, a wild Changewing attacks Dagur and Hiccup but Dagur makes a sort of dragon call and the Changewing leaves. Later, when the captain of the dragon hunters hides behind a rock, the same Changewing attacks him and presumably kills him.

In Defenders of the Wing, Part 1, the riders free a captured Changewing from the hunters.

Titan Wing

Source: Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Titan winged Changewings look relatively similar to that of a regular adult one. However, the edges of their wings become sharper and their color turns. They are dark green and their wings have a red edges and splotches of black. The blue spines turn red and the blue horns at the side of their head turn green.


They enjoy mimicry, so if you mimic them, be it by their noises or their movements, they will find you fascinating.


Known Changewings


  • Strangely, according to Book of Dragons, the Changewing breathes acid instead of fire while the special shows one burning Bork the Bold. It could be that their fire is greatly reduced compared to other dragons.
  • It is shown that the Book of Dragons doesn't contain a picture of the Changewing, but in the movie, there was a picture of the Changewing in the same book.
  • The Changewings facial appearance is similar to that of the Diplocaulus, an extinct, prehistoric amphibian from the Permian period.
  • The Changewing appears to be similar in size with the Monstrous Nightmare.
  • The Changewings ability to mimic its surrounding in the episode of Gem of a Different Color is different from what's shown in Book of Dragons. Its color mimicry in Gem of a Different Color is fixed on every part of its body while in Book of Dragons, Changewings mimic different colors for different parts of its body, even if it's not in contact with Changewings body making it truly invisible with a little distortion.
  • Changewings are similar to RainWings from the Wings of Fire book series. Both can change color, have "Wing" in their name, and spit acid.
  • A Changewing's ability to hypnotize is most likely based on the books, where dragons have a hypnotic gaze.
  • While Changewings in the animated short, Book of Dragons, camouflage themselves in a chameleon-like way by changing color, in Riders of Berk they disappear completely. In Wild Skies they disappear almost completely, however a faint outline of the dragon is still visible.
  • In Book of Dragons, it was said that Changewings display mimicking behavior and love to copy whatever they see. These dragons never show this behavior in the TV Series, most likely because they were defending their territories when the riders encountered them.
  • The Changewing is the first dragon species that can change its color.
  • Changewings were the first dragons to almost make every Viking on Berk abandon their homes.
  • Changewings are mostly nocturnal, so that they can hide more easily.
  • Changewings are actually more similar to an octopus than a chameleon due to the fact that chameleons change color to show mood rather than for camouflage. Octopi change both color and skin texture to camouflage themselves, much like a Changewing.
    • If this is the case, the Changewings ability to hypnotize may be based on the color-changing ability of a cuttlefish, which it uses to distract its prey.
  • In Book of Dragons, Changewings are shown to change their skin to a more realistic solid color similar to chameleons but in the show they camouflage in a more unrealistic invisible "see through" manner.
  • The wings of a Changewing are shown to not be double-jointed similar to that of a Thunderdrum.
  • In a piece of concept art, a Changewing is seen inflating, which might be a scrapped ability of this dragon.
  • According to Hiccup's Map the Changewing can breathe blue fire.


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