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The Shockjaw is a Tidal Class dragon featured in Dragons: Rise of Berk, and also appears in School of Dragons.


Instead of fire, this Tidal Class swimmer emits bio-electricity, from a gentle jolt to a lethal bolt. It can be quite the shock. The bolts it emits can be strong enough to take down an entire ship and its crew.

The Shockjaw's electrical stream attack makes the power of lightning feel up-close and personal.


Normally various shades of sea-green to purple, the Shockjaw boasts as ridge of membrane joined spines, much like a fish, the wings are both intended for flight as well as swimming. The Shockjaw boasts a prominent lower jaw and small teeth in comparison to other dragons of the Tidal class. This dragon also features a long tail, almost fish-like body with small legs and bio-luminescent tendrils on the lower jaw. This dragon can't shoot fire, and instead creates a sort of bio-electricity to fire.



The Shockjaw shoots powerful blasts of bio-electricity, similar to the Skrill and Seashocker, which shoot electricity. It is very strong and it should work particularly well underwater as water is a conductor of electricity and its blast can be conducted around it. These dragons send out anything from light to lethal jolts of electricity using the tendrils underneath its jaw! In fact, these bolts can be so powerful that they can take down an entire ship!


The Shockjaw is described to be among the fastest flying dragons in the Tidal class. This Tidal Class dragon is built for speed! The Shockjaw has small flukes and a large fin extending the length of its neck, allowing it to effortlessly glide through both water and air! The dazzling speed of these dragons allows them to electrify the skies with their quick turns and their swift dives!

Titan Wing

Source: Dragons: Rise of Berk

Titan winged Shockjaws are dark blue in color. They have purple fins and wings. Their eyes appear to glow like bio-luminescent, together with a few specks along their back and tail as well as their mouth and the tip of the tentacles on their chin. Also, the skin on their wings seem to be attached to their body in adulthood. However, in titan form, their wings are not attached directly to body but instead to a wing bone. Their limbs have also grown longer.


  • The Shockjaw conducts it's bio-electricity from the tendrils underneath it's jaw.
  • According to School of Dragons the Shockjaw has no weaknesses "Its dominance in the skies and strength as a swimmer leaves it with virtually no weaknesses".