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The Snifflehunch is a presumed Tracker Class (based on behavior) dragon introduced in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Its name was revealed on Facebook for a new Rise of Berk update.


These inquisitive Dragons don't know the meaning of personal space! They'll get as close as they can to sniff out if someone's friend or foe.


Snifflehunches are typically colorful dragons, mostly in yellow, orange, blue, and green.

Their faces are similar to that of the Rumblehorn, though rounder and less thick. They have round spines that go from their head down to their tail. Their backs form a hump shape, contributing to their name.

The Snifflehunch's base body structure is virtually identical to several other dragons in the second film.

Known Snifflehunches


Snifflehunches are curious and friendly dragons. They often greet new dragons and people by sniffing them in enthusiasm. Though Snifflehunches do this out of good will, ocassionally, the dragons get disturbed and feel uncomfortable. This was displayed in the second film when a Snifflehunch went to sniff Toothless. Startled, Toothless growled at it.


  • The Snifflehunch is the fourth movie dragon to not have its name revealed until later. The others are the Thunderclaw, Windstriker, Thornridge, Shovelhelm, and Threadtail.
  • The Snifflehunch is one of the most colorful dragons, along with the Deadly Nadder.
  • The name Snifflehunch and its behavior to constantly sniff curiously leads to it being presumably in the Tracker Class.
  • When taking a look at a Snifflehunch and a Rumblehorn next to each other, their overall body shape and head shape are roughly similar just the Rumblehorn is much more "beefy" and considering the fact that both are in the Tracker class it is fair to say the both are closely related.
  • The Snifflehunch was created using a modular system to mix and match preset body parts onto different dragons. It was created from the same base that was used for the Snafflefang, Thunderclaw, Shovelhelm, and three other unknown dragons.
  • During some scenes in How to Train Your Dragon 2, a Snifflehunch is seen with what appears to be some form of sail on its back. This could imply that the Snifflehunch somehow can extend its back to create this sail-like structure.
    • Another explanation could be that it was an animation error. Multiple dragons are seen throughout the movie with similar sail-like structures on their backs where their spines should be
    • Yet another explanation is that the dragon with a sail is a variation of the regular Snifflehunch.
  • The Sneezlehunch is an ice-blasting subspecies of Snifflehunch
  • Although the Snifflehunch is known to have a fire sneeze in Rise of Berk, the game also mentioned a certain individual, Sneezlehunch, to have an icy blast. This raises the question as to which one is the more accurate one or if this dragon is indeed capable of producing both fire types.


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