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Slient Sven

简称:沉默斯文 / Slient Sven


中文名 沉默斯文
别称 Not-So-Silent Sven
英文名 (缺少相关数据)
性别 Male
骑宠 Sven's Nightmare
盟友 Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
His unnamed wife
Black Sheep
His uncles (Whispering Waldo, Mute Marvin, and Soft-Spoken Sam
His sheep herd
派系 Hooligan
Berk Council
Dragon Riders' Auxiliary
身份 Alive
职业 Fishermen
Berk Council member
Dragon Riders' Auxiliary member
居住地 Berk
首次出场 "Viking for Hire"
末次出场 "The Wings of War, Part 2"
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Silent Sven, also known as Sven, is an apparently mute Viking shepherd on Berk. Until, of course, he "broke his silence".


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

"A Tale of Two Dragons"

Silent Sven's chest hairs were burned during a Screaming Death practice drill.

"A View to a Skrill, Part 1"

He fought off the Skrill with his head when it tried to eat his sheep herd.

"Cast Out, Part 2"

Sven then broke his silence to complain to Stoick the Vast about something in Berk.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 1

Sven was a member of the Berk Council, as seen in "Imperfect Harmony". He agreed with Spitelout that it was dangerous to send Hiccup and his riders beyond the Archipelago's border.

Sven then became frustrated by Stoick's complaining about the arrangements of the armory's weapons in the episode, "Crushing It". However, Sven was threatened by Stoick when he did not arrange the weapons the way Stoick wanted it. Sven then left to tend to his sheep.

Sven made a small appearance in "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1" when he complained to Stoick on Berk's Gripe Day about his small sheep.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

Sven joined the Dragon Riders' Auxiliary in "Team Astrid", taking a Monstrous Nightmare, named Sven's Nightmare, as his dragon in order to defend Berk. He then assisted Astrid, Stoick and the other riders in defending Dragon's Edge from Dagur and his Berserkers.

Sven defended Berk against the Frozen Skrill when it returned in "A Time to Skrill".

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

Sven appears during Berk's 400th Anniversary celebration in "Midnight Scrum". Hiccup sees three men that look suspicious and confronts them, only for them to be Sven's uncles visiting: Whispering Waldo, Soft-Spoken Sam, and Mute Marvin.

Sven also makes a brief appearance in the episode "The Longest Day" when Gobber points out how the 24 hour sunlight affects the Hooligan villagers. He points at Silent Sven who is dancing with one of his sheep. Hiccup says that actually isn't so unusual for Sven.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

In the episode "The Wings of War, Part 1", Sven appears along with Spitelout, Stoick, and Gobber in a Berk Council meeting about how best to deal with the Dragon Flyers that have taken over Dragon's Edge.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

After he broke his silence, Sven's new voice scared the sheep out of the pen.


School of Dragons

While Sven does not appear in the game, his farm is a part of the "Call of the Death Song" expansion pack. The Death Song makes its nest there. He is also mentioned in the Stable Quest called "Slice and Dice", in which he needs dragon help clearing trees for a new farm.

Physical Appearance

Sven wears a light brown sleeveless leather tunic and has thick bushy grey eyebrows. He is bald and has a neat blonde moustache that is braided at the tip. He is sometimes seen with a spear-like weapon.


Not much is known about this Viking, but he seems serious and grumpy and dislikes it when people mess with his sheep and think he's deaf. And he also seems to have no tolerance for disobedience from his sheep and cared deeply for his prized black sheep. He seems to think of his sheep as his children, as he was complaining to Stoick about them ruining his house and not listening to him.



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  • Despite appearing in Viking for Hire, he was left unnamed until A View to a Skrill, Part 1.
  • His nickname might be a reference to the fact he is usually just a background character with no lines.
  • He shares the same name as another resident of Berk, who is voiced by Brook Chamlers.
  • In the first two seasons and Dawn of the Dragon Racers, Sven's tunic has stitching. In Race to the Edge, it doesn't.
  • According to Ruffnut Thorston, his wife has a fish gutting station, mentioned in "Snotlout Gets the Axe".