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The Hotburple is a Boulder Class dragon that appears in How to Train Your Dragon 2

Physical Appearance

文件:Grump crushs Gobber.png
Grump the Hotburple

Hotburples' greatly resemble Gronckles', although they have a larger body and wings, as well as their eyes being positioned closer to the snout than to the ears. Hotburples' also appear to have a larger tail bludgeon and a slightly smaller jaw, but with sharper and smaller teeth compared to Gronckles'.


Like Gronckles, Hotburples have tough body scales and hard bumps all over them. They rival that of Gronckles' in being heavily armored and can fire devastating lava blasts after digesting the metal ores that they eat. Their high strike power rivals that of the Night Fury, but they also appear to be more lazy and sleep often, even more so compared to the Gronckle.


They are much more lazy compared to Gronckles, as they sleep more and snore even louder.

They might have the personality of a really lazy cat, which is opposed to Gronckles, which have a bit of a bull dog like personality. They have a high appetite for minerals and iron, but mostly scraps. Hotburples' have a usually laid back disposition, but are not to be messed with as shown in their debut episode.

Abilities and Weaponry

These dragons are very close to the Gronckle, but they have shown to be much greater in their abilities.

Jaw Strength

Just like Gronckles, their powerful jaws are able to crush boulders and iron. They are able to feed off it and use it to create a powerful lava blast.

According to Ryker, Hotburples are the only species that can bite through Dragon proof metal.

Speed and Agility

Their flying speed however, is the same with Gronckles, even though Hotburples' possess larger wings.

Strength and Combat

Their large, powerful clubbed tail can knock multiple people unconscious as seen in the second movie. They are able to carry heavy Vikings with a heavy settle chair, which means they are stronger than Gronckles. Just like Gronckles, they can possibly use their nose horn and their head to charge and bull doze their enemies.

Durability and Stamina

Having a high defensive armored body, their endurable body is greater than Gronckles. They have great stamina as Grump had shown to be able to travel long distances with his rider on back.

Sleep Flight

If they get exhausted from flying, they have a special ability which allows Hotburples to continue to fly when they fall asleep. Gronckles however, tend to fall out of the sky, crashing into the ocean or the side of a mountain.

Firepower and Recharge Abilities

Just like Gronckles, they possibly can recharge their shot limits by feeding off rocks or scrap metal.

Titan Wing

Source: Dragons: Rise of Berk

Titan winged Hotburples have different shades of blue and white as well as large dark blue spots on their body. Spines run along their body lengthwise and their initially significantly clubbed tail has been reduced to a smaller tail. They have grown a lot larger and stockier in built.


Hotburples are one of the laziest dragons there are, possibly even lazier than Gronckles because Meatlug was awake for the full second movie whereas Grump was asleep for most of it. They also are very slow and clumsy, as well as always falling asleep. However, when sufficiently angered, a Hotburple becomes far more active and dangerous, making up for said weaknesses.


  • A Hotburple named Grump is Gobber's dragon in How to Train Your Dragon 2.
  • While Gronckles like to eat any type of rocks, Hotburples prefer to eat ores of metal, such as iron.
  • It is unclear whether any other Hotburples share the half-closing eyelids of Grump.
  • As seen in a photo, the Hotburple's teeth are thinner and maybe a little bit sharper than a Gronckle's teeth.
  • It is unknown if Hotburples can blast off the bumps on their body like Gronckles.
  • It is said that the Hotburples are like a walrus, a bulldog, a tadpole, and a trash bin mixed together.


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