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Cavern Crasher
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出处 动画
特征 Glands that produce mucus on back and tail
Collapsible skeleton
Upper beak
Absence of wings
喷吐物 Bright green fire
Green flammable mucus
特殊能力 Fitting through small spaces
Producing a special flammable mucus from its back
颜色 Black with yellow stripes
体型 Large: 60ft (18.3 meters) long
栖息地 洞穴












攻击值 14
速度值 18
护甲值 16
火力值 20
发射次数上限 16
毒性值 0
下颌强度 8



The Cavern Crasher is a 奇幻纲 dragon that appears in Dragons: Race to The Edge. It is a scavenger, and is known for driving other dragons out of their homes and scavenging for their eggs, also making it a nest raider. [1]


The Cavern Crasher is a black, lizard-like or salamander-like dragon that moves on all fours. Unlike most dragons, it has no wings. Cavern Crashers have yellow stripes that swathe across their eyes and similar bands around their limbs. They also have a hooked beak-liked mandible on their upper jaw and a thick, rounded tail. It have multiple bumps and craters on their back that secrete slime.


This large dragon, unable to fly, makes up for it with great speed and burrowing as an effective hunter.

Collapsible Skeleton

Because its entire skeletal structure is collapsible, the Cavern Crasher is able the squeeze through the smallest of crevices.


The Cavern Crasher is able to secrete flammable mucus from its body. It launches out the mucus from its tail or body onto other objects before setting them alight with its fire. The Cavern Crasher can also set its tongue on fire. It is able to shoot out a long lasting, green blast of fire at its enemies.


The Cavern Crasher can walk and climb on cavern walls and ceilings very fast, in part due to its sharp claws.


The endurance of the Cavern Crasher is proven from its body that is able to take many attacks, Fireworm Queen, a Monstrous Nightmare, a Night Fury, a Hideous Zippleback, a Gronckle and a Deadly Nadder. Even took a multiple large rocks on itself from Hookfang fire blast and from a double power of fire from Nightmare and Firequeen.

Despite its large size, the Cavern Crasher shows no lack of stamina as it fought against the Fire Queen for some time and won the fight. Its high stamina also allows it to effectively search for its prey: the eggs of the Fireworm Queen and it was able to fight against many of its enemies and still able to hunt no matter what was in its way. Snotlout even stated this dragon wouldn't give up to get its meals.


The Cavern Crasher is proven to be a very fast dragon, as it is able to climb walls fast enough to make the Dragon Riders believe that there are more than one in the dark caves. Its body is also shown to be quite agile enough to get around its surroundings.


The great strength of the Cavern Crasher is proven from its size; it is able to take on a Fireworm Queen, which causes this dragon to flee from its territory to find help; making it a powerful opponent.


The Cavern Crasher uses its abilities to overcome larger or more numerous dragon opponents and ward them off so that it can eat their eggs.


Since it crawls very fast, the Cavern Crasher has great stealth on its side to hunt its prey easily in dark caves.


The Crasher has been shown to be a very fast digger, as they are able to appear out of ground at high speed and are strong enough to burrow through rocky walls.


The Carven Crasher shown to have an acute sense of hearing as it was able to hear baby Fireworms screaming.


It has been seen to be smart enough to leave a trail of the mucus in the entrance of the Fireworm Queen's nest and to use it later against the Riders and their dragons by igniting it.


The dragon's defenses can be overcome by blasts of fire that are large or powerful enough to cook its mucus away, leaving it vulnerable. It can also leave it with no fire for a sort of time.


  • The Cavern Crasher is the third confirmed flightless dragon, after the Speed Stinger and the Bewilderbeast. It is also possibly the fourth flightless dragon, as it's most likely that the Seashocker can't fly.
    • It is also the only one that can breathe fire.
    • Though it is the third known flightless dragon, it is the first dragon to have no wings, followed by the currently unknown dragon from Burning Midnight.
  • The Cavern Crasher's ability to flatten its body is similar to that of the Raptortongue from the books.
  • The Cavern Crasher resembles a Fire salamander, a Gila monster, as well as a Snapping Turtle without a shell.
  • The Cavern Crasher appears to be heavily inspired by fire salamanders or tiger salamanders. Fire salamanders are amphibians with yellow and black markings similar to the dragon. The Cavern Crasher's ability to produce flammable mucus may be based on the myth that the coat of mucus on the body of fire salamanders protected them from being harmed by fire.
  • The Cavern Crasher is the third dragon that can burrow.

Known Cavern Crashers






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