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Sword Stealer
出处 Franchise
特征 Magnetic skin
喷吐物 Varied depending on metal type
特殊能力 Metal armor over body
Red-hot glowing mouth
Spear-tipped tail
Metal spikes along neck and back
颜色 Dark gray
Silver and black
体型 Large















The Sword Stealer is a (presumed) Mystery Class dragon introduced in Dragons: Rise of Berk. Not much is known about this dragon other than it has magnetic skin which attracts metals.


Sword Stealers have a magnetic personality . . . literally! Vikings that get too close find their swords and shields stuck to the Sword Stealer's hide!


The Sword Stealer is a mostly black dragon with some gray and white details. It has two wings and two legs. The tip of its tail ends with a arrow-shaped triangle. This dragon is unique in that where the wing claws would be located, it instead has triangular spear-like tips like in the tail. It seems to be carrying a sword on its legs, which is most likely an actual sword, attracted to its magnetic skin. The Sword Stealer's size is very large, possibly as large as a Boneknapper. it is also very similar to a Razorwhip as both have metal (or metal like, in the case of the Razorwhip) scales. Tall and slim built dragons Sword Stealers have light and flexible bodies that allow them to be very manoeuvrable and to hide away when they're newly hatched. Their body is similar to their larger relations the Boneknapper but Sword Stealers don't grow to the same huge size, though are still large. Not being as big Sword Stealers tend to retreat into nests in open caverns or ruins where metal is abundant to make themselves protective armour. Once properly armoured a Sword Stealer becomes less flexible but the protection it gains is one of the strongest among dragons.


Sword Stealers are naturally reclusive to help them remain safe in the early times of their life before they have started building their armour. Its in their nature to be suspicious and shy away from vikings and other breeds of dragon. As they calm down and grow use to being around others they start showing a more protective nature and can be quick to face off intruders, even over protective at times. 


Sword Stealers like temperate climates and often make themselves comfortable in old settlements or ruins where they can find lots of abandoned metal. 


Sword Stealers have a very average diet for dragons happy to eat fish and meat.


Magnetic Skin: Its magnetic skin attracts metallic objects like swords and this probably acts as a defense as it coats itself with a strong armor of metal. This is similar to that of a Boneknapper collecting bones to shield its delicate body.

Fire Type: It is noticeable that in Rise of Berk different Sword Stealer individuals have different colors of fire, regular Sword Stealers covered in Iron armor have orange fire, Titan-wing Sword Stealers are covered in gold armor have blazing blue fire, battle version Sword Stealers from Drago Bludvist army have an extra layer of armor and have green fire, and lastly exotic Sword Stealers have a more lightly colored unidentified type of metal and their fire is purple, based on this observation it is quite possible that Sword Stealers have different colors and types of Fire depending on the components of the type of their metal, meaning they can artificially tweak their firepower, this also means they can artificially become Titan-wings.


Being covered in metal its very hard to touch a Sword Stealer or achieve any kind of physical connection with these dragons and so they can be very oblivious to what they're in physical contact with. A Sword Stealers shots have an arcing movement making them inaccurate over long distances, while they are powerhouses close up this can make them easy to trap. While Sword Stealers can swim their armour will eventually rust and become very difficult to move in and its weight means they can struggle in rough water.

Titan Wing

Source: Dragons: Rise of Berk

Titan winged Sword Stealers are yellow, close to golden in color while their wings, chest and mouth glows blue. Also, they have an arrow-shaped tail. Their wings have brown stripes along it too.


Sword Stealers can be pleased by offering them armour to cover any location on their body that they haven't been able to protect themselves, any armour made for them is something they deeply appreciate and they can become enraged if someone damages it. 


  • Newly born Sword Stealers are completely yellow instead of a dark color, as it does not have any metal armor.
  • The Sword Stealer bears a strong resemblance to the metal Boneknapper concept art.
  • The Sword Stealer may have evolved a magnetic skin to coat itself in a protective armor made of metal.
  • The Sword Stealer is similar to the Smothering Smokebreath by using metal to coat itself. It could be based off the first Smothering Smokebreath that were seen in Wild Skies.
  • In Rise of Berk, the battle Sword Stealer has a green glowing mouth instead of an orange one. The reason for this is unknown, it may simply have more copper or other green burning chemicals in it's fire or could be used for telling them apart.
  • The Razorwhip may be based off this dragon, considering it has a metallic-like skin and the Sword Stealer attracts metal to its skin.
  • The Armorwing was also most likely based off of the Sword Stealer—Both have metallic skin that attracts metal.