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Class icon mystery roll.png
出处 Franchise
特征 Metal Armor
Chain-whip tail
喷吐物 Oxygen-Acetylene (welding torch-like flames)
特殊能力 Metal Armor
Blinding flames
颜色 Pale Green
体型 Large: 70 feet (21.3 meters) long












攻击值 12
速度值 7
护甲值 50
火力值 10
发射次数上限 4
毒性值 0
下颌强度 11



The Armorwing is a large dragon of the Mystery Class that lacks scales (which protect dragons from fire, blasts, etc), but uses swords, shields and other metal objects to create a metal armoring in order to protect its body.




Sitting atop its hoarded pile of looted metal on Iron Isle, the Armorwing appears at once impregnable and invincible, but appearances can be deceiving.

With its welding torch-like flames and chain-whip tail, the Armorwing keeps enemies at bay long enough for it to attract new scraps of metal to its magnetic body and fuse them into an ever-expanding coat of armor. The Armorwing's fire is also incredibly bright, as it is able to temporarily disorient the vision of other dragons and humans.

However, the Armorwing's armor is just a shell used for protection and intimidation. Beneath that reinforced hide lies a much different dragon that would prefer to remain in isolation with its private trove of discarded metal treasures.[1]

—— Dragopedia

Physical Appearance

This dragon has a tan-coloured head similar to that of a Monstrous Nightmare. While its body is soft and unprotected like that of a Boneknapper, this dragon collects and fuses metal to its skin. As such it has an armor of metal on its chest, wings and tail.



Its blinding flames are incredibly bright, as it is able to disorient the vision of other dragons. Its fire is hot enough to melt and fuse metals to its body.

Metal Armor

Unlike the Boneknapper which uses dragons bones, this dragon is able to make armor out of metal by welding it together on its vulnerable, non-scaly skin. It was able to endure many attacks from Monstrous Nightmare like Hookfang.  

Speed and Agility

Armorwing have shown travel fast speed with all that metal armor on its body but it dosen't hold them back at all. As for their agility as shown their appearance to be simailar to Monstrous Nightmare thier body seems to be as good as Nightmare they even can block attack by using thier wing.

Endurance and Stamina

Well it have shown that their are able to endure attacks from Monstrous Nightmare becuase with thier body that is protected from metal armor and still able to fly fast with great stamina on their side.  


An Armorwing is vulnerable without it's armor, and is very weak without it. Also, they are potential victims to Smothering Smokebreaths, a species of dragon that collects metal.

Known Armorwings


  • The Armorwing's head and other body parts, such as its knee spikes, look like the bones that the Boneknapper uses. This could mean that most of the Boneknapper's bone armor come from this dragon.
  • The Armorwing is the first species to be named by Hiccup.
  • In an article from School of Dragons, it is referred to as "Armor Wing" but that just might be a spelling error.
  • It is the first franchise dragon with an "A" at the beginning of its name.
  • The Armorwing looks like a mix between, or a hybrid of a Monstrous Nightmare, a Boneknapper and a Sword Stealer.
  • It is the third dragon respectively, to protect its body using armor, the first being the Boneknapper, and the second being the Sword Stealer.
  • Its fire consistency is similar to that of a Deadly Nadder.
  • It's also the third dragon with the word "wing" in its name.
  • The Armorwing's flame is made up of the same elements as a Night Fury's.



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