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The Sliquifier is a Tidal Class dragon. They were first mentioned in Dragonpedia, then appeared on Hiccup's map, but it first appeared in the Book of Dragons short.


This supersonic swimmer is among the fastest in the Tidal Class. So loyal and trustworthy it may even let a rider sit in its mouth... without eating him.

The swift-moving Sliquifier uses its speed to churn up a powerful acid stream to fire at its opponents.
—— Dragons: Rise of Berk Battle Description


The Sliquifier looks like a fish combined with a Tide Glider. It has a sea green body with bright purple wings and tail. It's mouth glows blue and it has small fin lining on its neck. There are thin tentacle-like strings under its chin. The Sliquifier is comparatively smaller than other dragons.



Like the Changewing and several other dragons, the Sliquifier emits acid. It uses its speed to churn up powerful streams of acid before attacking its opponents. Sliquifiers make their blasts stronger as they increase their speed at the time of release. Although the Sliquifier is a slow shooter, it is able to use its speed to make its powerful blasts even more of a threat.


The Sliquifier is the fastest swimming Tidal Class dragon. Its speed makes it useful to hunt prey and escape from danger. The Sliquifier also uses its speed to churn up acid. As its speed increases, the power of its acid increases too.


This supersonic swimmer is among the fastest in the Tidal Class. So loyal and trustworthy, it may even let a rider sit in its mouth... without eating him. They can probably be very aggressive and dangerous when provoked.

Titan Wing

Source: Dragons: Rise of Berk

A titan Sliquifier is yellow, close to golden, in color. Its wings and tail fin are bright blue but has a few green spots on it. The fin on its long, slender neck is larger and it has more tentacles on its chin.


  • The How to Train Your Dragon 2 website Dragonpedia, stated that Scauldrons hunted Sliquifiers down to near-extinction.
    • Said text has now been removed from the Scauldron's dragonpedia page. The word Sliquifiers has been replaced by the phrase smaller species. However, Hiccup's online Race to the Edge map and Guide to the Dragons Volume 3 still mention Sliquifiers.
  • It is the first dragon species to be hunted near-extinction, the second being the Buffalord.
  • Sliquifiers are small in size when compared to a Scauldron, as well as to most other Tidal Class dragons.
  • Three Sliquifiers make a brief appearance in Book of Dragons. Coincidentally enough, they are seen behind a Scauldron, their main predator, further strengthening the connection between these two dragon species.
  • It seems strange that Scauldrons hunted them into near extinction when Sliquifiers have been known for their incredible speed, which would seem to be an easy getaway.