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The Shivertooth is a Sharp Class dragon introduced in Dragons: Rise of Berk, and it also appears in School of Dragons.


This mischievous sharp class prankster is a real cut-up that leaves its opponents in stitches!

Nothing can keep a Shivertooth from cutting through the heart of battle with its sharp scales!


The Shivertooth has a pelican-like mouth, and it appears to be a large-sized dragon species. When walking on all fours, it resembles an alligator's posture of its legs. It is a fairly large dragon with sharp claws. In School of Dragons, its appearance differs greatly, having more of the stance of a theropod dinosaur.


Sharp Features

The Shivertooth is said to have the sharpest claws of any dragon. They are described as being able to slice Vikings and leave them in stitches. This is a useful attack or defense strategy. They are also said to have sharp scales, very sharp spines lining down their back, and a sharp-edged arrowhead-shaped tail-end.

Frost Firepower

Similar to the Bewilderbeast, Woolly Howl, Snow Wraith, and Windgnasher, the Shivertooth shoots ice at its opponents.


According to School of Dragons, the Shivertooth is the fastest Sharp Class dragon.


The Shivertooth is described as cunning and having quick, sharp wits. It is said to use its smarts against both friend (in pranks) and foe (in combat).

Titan Wing

Source: Dragons: Rise of Berk

A titan winged Shivertooth has a shiny grayish-blue body with sharp scales. It has spikes all over its body, especially its tail and back.


  • As the description states, the Shivertooth is one of the most mischievous dragons, and it likes to play pranks and tricks, possibly to distract its prey or opponents before it attacks..