The Windgnasher is a Tracker Class dragon introduced in How to Train Your Dragon 2.


With a strong enough wind, these humped back dragons can pick up a scent from anywhere in the archipelago or beyond.

For a clearer view of the battlefield, these sturdy dragons prefer to fire their icy blasts from the back of the pack during a fight.


The Windgnasher has a distinct hump on its back and snout. In addition, it has a crown-like frill at the back of its head. Its body is covered with bumps throughout, and the tip of its tail is armed with a mace-like bludgeon.


Sense of Smell

As a Tracker Class dragon, the Windgnasher is described to have a keen sense of smell, which can detect scents anywhere in the Barbaric Archipelago and beyond.

Tail Sweep

The Windgnasher uses it's mace-like tail to bludgeon its enemies.

Blizzard Attack

In Dragons: Rise of Berk, the Windgnasher is shown to have a "blizzard" attack, a very powerful icy blast with whirling winds.

Notable Windgnashers


  • The Windgnasher is the second dragon with "wind" in its name.
  • The name Windgnasher was copyrighted by Dreamworks before the release of HTTYD 2, but it wasn't known which dragon it belonged to until Rise of Berk released this dragon in March 2016.
    • Although, there was a rumor about this dragon being a Windgnasher, long before it appeared in Rise of Berk.