中文名 鼻涕粗·乔根森
别称 Sir Ulgerthorpe[1]
英文名 (缺少相关数据)
身高 5'3"[2]
发色 棕色[2]
眼睛颜色 蓝色[2]
骑宠 Hookfang (Monstrous Nightmare)
Pain (Terrible Terror)
Hunterbolt (Skrill)
武器 锤子[2]
身份 Alive
居住地 Berk
父亲 Spitelout Jorgenson
母亲 姓名未知
其他 Griplout Jorgenson
Hedgelout Jorgenson
首次出场 How to Train Your Dragon
末次出场 How to Train Your Dragon 2
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鼻涕粗·乔根森, Snotface Snotlout in the books, 是一个来自How to Train Your Dragon的角色,在所有的How to Train Your Dragon的书和电影里都曾出现。在书里他已经死了,但在电影里却没有死。他在第一部电影时15岁,在《飞跃边界》中19岁,在电影的续集中20岁。

How to Train Your Dragon

鼻涕粗一直造谣说他是小嗝嗝的表兄弟,但他显然没有这么对待小嗝嗝。While this idea came from the book, they're more like rivals rather than relatives of the family (though their relationship in the books is even more strained where there is quite an enmity between them). Throughout the movie series, he has an obvious crush on Astrid. He tries on several occasions to flirt with her through various means, such as by "impressing" her with his strength or "ability to block out the sun", 即使他每次都以失败告终。当小嗝嗝教维京青少年们怎样与龙为友时,Snotlout seems to be the only one who is actually afraid, reaching for a spearhead before Astrid discourages him. Under Hiccup's tutelage, he successfully befriends a Monstrous Nightmare, which he flies during the battle with the Red Death, though he is knocked off and forced to attack its eyes head on (and is somewhat successful).


DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Dragons: Riders of Berk

How to Start a Dragon Academy

Berk Dragon Training Academy中,鼻涕粗成为了主要的驯龙者之一。

In Dragons We Trust


Viking for Hire

Despite this, Snotlout has shown that he cares for Hookfang, being particularly relieved when the Dragon—who had seemingly gone mad and was rampaging through the village, to the point where it appeared that Gobber would have to kill him—turned out to merely be suffering from toothache (although he attempted to pass off his enthusiastic hug of Hookfang after the tooth was taken out).



Snotlout has proven that in some ways he can back up his boasting. He is usually an able fighter (when not trying to impress the ladies), and he is in very good physical shape. He wins all the Viking based Thawfest Games with relative ease. Only when dragon events are introduced does he struggle. He still wins the Thawfest Games, but only because Hiccup allows him to. Even with Hiccup's good sportsmanship in the end, Snotlout remains completely ungrateful and gloats in his victory.

Defiant One

当小嗝嗝、无牙和鼻涕粗在Outcast Island停留时,Snotlout managed to successfully hold his own against an adult Outcast in a fight when armed only with a metal rod (although he still required Toothless's help to defeat his opponent). 在流放岛的停留使小嗝嗝和鼻涕粗不得不一起工作。It was a seriously rough time because both boys were rivals, and Snotlout was intentionally provocative. Eventually Snotlout lost his temper enough to vent hugely hurtful insults at Hiccup and to really unintentionally reveal a slight twinge of envy over Hiccup's popularity and courage. 但是在他们的打斗后,鼻涕粗很快地上前去救小嗝嗝。他和无牙仔作为一个团队工作得很好,并且把小嗝嗝从流放岛上已经抓住他的人的手里救出。The episode ended on a very high note for Hiccup and Snotlout with both boys seeming to gain a much greater appreciation for one another.

Gem of a Different Color

在无意中偷取了Changewing的蛋以后,鼻涕粗表现得像个发横财的投机商,相信这块石头能给他们带来好运。As payment from Mrs. Larson for her stone, Snotlout received her son, Gustav, for the stone. He also acquired a set of axes from Bucket and livestock from other villagers. However, Snotlout was force to give his "stone" and Gustav when he was confronted by Fishlegs, who force him to give it back to the Changewing.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Live and Let Fly

鼻涕粗在Stoick禁止龙们飞翔之后加入了小嗝嗝的Dragon Flight Club。他能够吸引到一头Typhoomerang。在他们回家的路上,鼻涕粗和钩牙避开了史图依克和Thornado。之后鼻涕粗发现Outcasts正在攻击他们。在阿思翠的帮助下,他得以成功地躲避Alvin的挑衅飞回了Island

Tunnel Vision

Following the Screaming Death's attack, a softer side of Snotlout is demonstrated. Since the Outcast attacks, Snotlout has been training Hookfang constantly, refusing to give him a break as he believes "rest is for the weak", which his father had taught him. However, he works Hookfang so much that the dragon begins to lose his ability to flame up and is dying from exhaustion. Though Snotlout tries to hide it, it becomes apparent that he cares for Hookfang as he begins to cry and worry for him. He was also shown to be concerned when his father told Snotlout that "if our sword is not cutting properly, we sharpen it. But if our sword cannot be sharpened any longer, we get a new one", insinuating Snotlout to get a new dragon if Hookfang doesn't recover.

Race to Fireworm Island

When the Bork papers tell of Fireworm Island, Snotlout rushes over with the rest of the Dragon Training Academy to figure out a solution to Hookfang's exhaustion and discovers a cave of Fireworms and fire-combs. He is willing to risk his life to steal a piece of fire-comb and incur the wrath of the Fireworm Queen in the hopes that having Hookfang eating the fire-comb will help him recover his flames. Hookfang ultimately gives the fire-comb back to the Fireworm Queen to protect Snotlout from her wrath, and the Fireworm Queen restores his flames. Snotlout rejoices and decides to take it easy until Hookfang fully recovers (stating that his dad knew nothing about dragons) but Hookfang begins to flip Snotlout in the air, demonstrating that he has fully recovered.

Free Scauldy

鼻涕粗花了绝大部分的出场时间与阿斯翠调情,然而,it seems that the point had been partly get a rise out of her, as he appears both disturbed and grossed out when she pretends to flirt back in an overly sweet manner.

Snotlout, despite hearing Hiccup command a retreat in the practice drill, orders Hookfang to shoot Gobber's catapult. The catapult malfunctions and shoots at Astrid. After landing, Snotlout shows no regret in almost killing Astrid and doesn't apologize. When Hiccup "grounds" him, he shows anger and flies off on Hookfang to an island and is attacked by the Screaming Death, and gets knocked unconscious. The villagers celebrate when they assume he is dead, but groan when Snotlout awakens briefly to claim he had captured Alvin the Treacherous.

Cast Out, Part 1

Snotlout yet again defied Hiccup's commands and repeated his mistake, but freeing the Screaming Death's mother from Dagur in the process. He later admitted to Hiccup that he was being reckless. Hiccup, having learned of the destruction of Stoick and Alvin the Treacherous's friendship, assured Snotlout that he had only been trying to do the right thing and cancelled his suspension from the Dragon Academy.

Cast Out, Part 2


Dragons: Race to the Edge

文件:Tumblr nsp4r3J8Lj1s51zmfo1 1280.jpg

在与Berserkers的战争三年以后,鼻涕粗变成了这个军械库的"official weapons tester". He then went with Hiccup and the other dragon riders to track down Dagur at the Ship Graveyard to stop him from stealing Trader Johann's treasures. 然而,他和其他骑手们被达格和他的手下抓获,最终他们被他们的龙所救。

Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1

鼻涕粗和他们一起带着Gothi去了Glacier Island并得到了一颗Snow Wraith的牙,最后打开了Dragon Eye

Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 2

他们成功的从 Snow wraith 那里获得了一颗牙。

Imperfect Harmony

鼻涕粗与小嗝嗝和其他龙骑士们一起行动。然而,在Melody Island,Snotlout and the others were then captured by the Death Song. 幸运的是,Snotlout was able to use his monstrous nightmare gel to free themselves from the Death Song's amber and escape.

When Darkness Falls

鼻涕粗和其他龙骑士打算在island建造一个属于他们自己的基地。在发现了一大群新龙Night Terror之后,鼻涕粗和其他龙骑士到它们的首领Smidvarg返回之前抵御住了来自Changewings群的攻击。

鼻涕粗试图在在鱼脚丝变成Thor Bonecrusher之后帮助他,in capturing the wild Scauldron, 但他最终失败了。

Reign of Fireworms

Fireworms搬到龙之崖以后,鼻涕粗建议大家放弃。他仍然拒绝相信双胞胎是正确地解决龙之崖Magmar Thorston's claim stone问题的人。

Crushing It

Snotlout then helped the others defend the outpost against a wild Rumblehorn. He then looked after Gobber when he became delusional.

Quake, Rattle and Roll

Snotlout then trained Fishlegs and Meatlug to fight the Catastrophic Quaken in order to return the Gronckles to Dark Deep. He then watched as Fishlegs and Meatlug fought the Quaken and was impressed how Fishlegs and Meatlug stood their ground against it.

Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1

Snotlout then assisted in finding the rogue dragon and it's rider. At an island with sea slugs, Snotlout was then knocked out by logs after relieving himself and fell into a river. At Dragon's Edge, he then attempted to show the rider, who revealed herself to be Heather, a new trick Hookfang.

Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2

然而,Heather was not impress and showed Windshear's trick, which made him fall through a hut.

Have Dragon Will Travel

Snotlout then followed Heather and the other riders in attacking Dagur's ship. With Fishlegs and the twins, he distracted Dagur while Heather and Astrid boarded the ship.

The Next Big Sting

When the riders found a wounded Speed Stinger, Snotlout objected to bringing back to the Edge's outpost. After it healed, Snotlout and Ruffnut attempted to take Speedy away from the edge. However, Speedy woke up and stung Hookfang and Ruffnut. However, Speedy saved him from his pack before he left and earned Snotlout's admiration.

Total Nightmare

在"Beat the dome"的战斗之中,鼻涕粗发现钩牙的表现很反常。他发现钩牙在看一头female。他认为钩牙将要野化。然而,Snotlout found out that that Girl Hookfang need Hookfang's protection from a Titan wing monstrous nightmare to save her eggs. Together, Snotlout and Hookfang was able to defeat the titan wing by wearing it out

Team Astrid

Following Dagur's attack, Snotlout watched as Astrid trained new riders, which included his father, Spitelout. However, he and the twins were ordered protect the Edge and look for Dagur. However, Snotlout and the twins slack off and let Fishlegs continue the search alone. They were then caught off guard by Dagur and were trapped inside the dome.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

Following the defeat of Dagur and Alvin's truce, Snotlout and the other riders then had a little contest to see who could gather the most sheep. Snotlout then got the entire village to get Hiccup to have dragon races instead of the Regatta. However, during one of the races, Snotlout causes Astrid to crash and break her arm. Snotlout then gets Hiccup to continue the races. Following the first official race, Snotlout and the twins thought they had won when they got the black sheep. However, it is revealed that they cheated and lose the match to Hiccup and Fishlegs.

Snotlout then built the Sheep Launcher for the Dragon Races.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

在这部电影里,Snotlout has apparently given up on Astrid, as she is officially with Hiccup, and started to hit on Ruffnut along with, for some weird reason, Fishlegs. 他在成长,看起来更像他的父亲了,and seems to be a bit less arrogant and obnoxious.


Snotlout looked somewhat muscular like his book series counterpart. In the first movie and two previous seasons, he's always worn his helmet with spiral sheep horns, his tunic tucked in his pants with open-stitching and a black vest over it, dark gray bracers on his arms, and matching fur boots. In the second movie, he's grown his facial hair. He wears the same helmet, but also has gained a leather green-blue tunic with a fur vest over it, spike-emblazoned brown bracers, and boots. In Race to The Edge, he is seen without his fur vest.


Snotlout is highly arrogant, bordering on narcissistic, and prone to grandiose delusions of perfection, popularity and extreme attractiveness, and consequentially his egomania causes him to have a huge problem with authority or being able to admit responsibility for his mistakes or misdeeds, for which he always has some terrible justification. He appears to consider himself the smartest and strongest of the teens and wants to be praised and admired accordingly, despite the others usually considering him an annoying, immature idiot with a colossal ego. His selfishness and egomania cause him to often be inconsiderate and exploitative towards others, and will often put the others down to make himself look better. In interviews, Jonah Hill has said that deep down Snotlout knows he is not the best but still wants to be thought of as such, implying his vainglorious posing is more about overcompensation. He likes to think he can handle everything, but when he can't, he is not above asking for help. He is confrontational, brutally frank, and stubborn. In race to the edge Snotlout is not as egocentric as he was, but has become highly sarcastic toward hiccup's more dangerous plans.

From the glimpses of his family in the television show, it is easy to see how Snotlout is a product of his upbringing, since his father, Spitelout, is shown to be just as arrogant and disrespectful as his son, and places great pressure on Snotlout to meet his incredibly high standards and preserve the family reputation. Earning his father's love and approval clearly causes Snotlout a great deal of insecurity and anxiety, and in this way he is similar to Hiccup, though it is unacknowledged, since Snotlout either keeps it to himself or is in denial about his father's clearly unfair treatment of him.

In the television series, one of Snotlout's more outstanding traits is his adversarial relationship with Hiccup, whom he often deliberately disrespects and ridicules. In that he is not unlike Alvin, who did much the same thing to Stoick. Snotlout will regularly attempt to undermine Hiccup in front of the others by trying to appear more knowledgeable or worthy as a leader, but since he is neither of these things, he often just ends up making himself look like an idiot. Snotlout has stated that he thinks of Hiccup and himself as arch-enemies and states that they are not friends, though this view is largely unfounded and not reciprocated in any way by Hiccup, who refers to Snotlout as his friend despite being regularly exasperated by his behavior. Snotlout's antagonism of Hiccup is partially a result of his dislike of authority figures, but is also implied to stem from deep jealousy of Hiccup's standing within the tribe, the respect he receives from the other teens despite being previously being thought of as a runt, and (probably most of all) his close, semi-romantic relationship with Astrid, whom Snotlout has a huge crush on and relentlessly, arrogantly flirts with, despite Astrid being repulsed by him to the point of nausea.

Abilities and Skills

Snotlout is actually a very competent fighter, so his bragging is not entirely baseless.

  • Strength and Fighting Skills: Snotlout can lift heavy objects, like sheep over his shoulder, and even manage to run with it. He was also able to pin Hookfang's horns to the ground and clamp a Monstrous Nightmare's mouth shut. When training for the Thawfest Games, which proved that he was physically the most powerful among the teens, he was seen pulling small trees out of the ground and then throwing them. Additionally. He appears to have enhanced strength as he sends an Outcast soldier flying several feet away with a single kick, and appears to be skilled in combat as he easily beats Savage with a connecting rod, he is also able to beat multiple Outcast soldiers in hand to hand combat. However, it is interesting to note he was occasionally defeated by much weaker opponents, such as Terrible Terrors and sheep.
  • Endurance and Stamina: Snotlout's stamina and endurance has proven to be high, seeing how he performed in the Thawfest Games. He still came out fine after being hit in the face by a rock, or bitten multiple times by his Terror. Another example of this is when he got crushed by Meatlug and her rather heavy Rider.
  • Accuracy: In the Thawfest Games, Snotlout has been seen throwing axes at targets with great accuracy, even without looking. However, he used this ability once again by throwing Pain to save Meatlug. Also, he has skills with a bow and arrow like the others.
  • Acrobatics: Snotlout has good reflexes, being able to dodge the attacks of enemies and being the only one who could hold his balance on a running log during the Thawfest Games. He can also balance by standing on Hookfang's neck. Astrid, however, might have beaten him in Thawfest, if it wasn't for Fishlegs messing up her attempts.
  • Dragon Training and Riding: Despite being part of the Academy, Snotlout is probably the worst Dragon Trainer of them all, however, this may just be because of Hookfang's stubbornness. He managed to train the stubborn and aggressive Hookfang in the film, though Hiccup did the most of the work, if not all. Hookfang has been shown to often tease and disobey Snotlout. The Terrible Terror he trained constantly bit him, Snotlout claiming that is what he was taught, yet this proved useful when Pain used his jaw strength to save Meatlug from the Outcasts. Despite this, he did found out you can calm down Monstrous Nightmares by pinning their horns to the ground, showing he isn't entirely bad at Dragon Training. Seeing how Hookfang flew almost as fast as Toothless in the Thawfest Games, it is possible Hookfang's speed increased as a result from Snotlout's training, though this may not be the case as hard training on his dragon caused Hookfang to become ill.

Snotlout also figured out a powerful combination attack, using Hookfang's Wing Blast and his breath weapon. This attack was used against Dagur the Deranged and his soldiers. He also discovered the Deadly Nadder's skill of 'Single Spine Shot', by tapping the back of Stormfly's head. He also did great job to impress Hiccup when practicing rescue skills for Vikings, but Hookfang blasted fire and stomped on the prop Vikings.

  • Teaching: When Snotlout had become convinced he was going to die, he planned to recruit Gustav, so he could be his successor. Thanks to Snotlout, Gustav bonded with his own Dragon, a Monstrous Nightmare named Fanghook. Snotlout encouraged Gustav in the battle with Dagur and his soldiers, causing their mission to succeed. This shows that Snotlout can be a good teacher, though in own 'special' way.
  • Intelligence & Inventing: He is not the brightest compared to Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Astrid but he does his best to try to be smart, often times, as he shows himself to be smarter then the twins since they can't seem to get past the number 3. This is made apparent when he told Hiccup that Toothless didn't want Hiccup to interfere with the battle of his arch nemesis, a Whispering Death. He managed to build a raft but wasn't successful as it sank a few seconds after he got on it. He even knew that the trainers will never know who is the best at training dragons since they did not have a level playing field. He also understood the concept of air mail when he saw the letter that the twins didn't know about as he said that it will be soon to be catch up to be useful someday. Snotlout was also taught by his mother how stitch and sew objects together. Snotlout demonstrated this when he and Hiccup made armor out the Screaming Death's scales in order to rescue the other riders from Ryker Grimborn's Dragon Hunters.

He is not as proficient compared to Hiccup when building inventions but he managed to create a Sheep Launcher. 它让鼻涕粗32次获得了胜利。Dawn of the Dragon Racers,并且这个发明被应用于《驯龙高手2》的龙赛中。

  • Climber: 就像他的龙钩牙,he shown to be great climber as he shown in the Thawfest Games with no sign of struggle even when getting hit in the face with rocks.
  • Dragon Roar: He first try to use this skill by trying to make roar of Changewing but according to Fishlegs was wrong. Few years later he had master his roar for Monstrous Nightmare to call Hookfang.
  • Stitching: Snotlout is taught how to stitch by his mother, and he was able to cross-stitch Screaming Death scales onto Toothless and Hookfang as protective armor from Dragon Root arrows. Snotlout later showed regret at not using a lock-stitch to fasten the armor on when pieces started breaking away.
  • Singer: 鼻涕粗在Crash Course对一个Fireworm宝宝唱歌时展现了他是一个好歌手,尤其是在Turn and BurnTone Death他对一个成年人唱Death Song时。然而,when he song to Garff, the baby Death Song shot amber at Snotlout because he insulted the dragon.



钩牙很像它的主人,always being reckless and wild. It may seem like he doesn't respect Snotlout, always hitting him with parts of his body (mostly his tail), but deep down Hookfang does indeed love Snotlout. Hookfang and Snotlout were each willing to risk their lives to protect each other from the Fireworm Queen. This shows that the two are very close, even if they don't always show or admit it. Hookfang always teases Snotlout, usually by biting and slapping him, in order to either get back at him, or hide his affection for him. Despite their bond, he wasn't willing to die alongside Snotlout by getting buried alive. Snotlout also showed he was worried for Hookfang's well-being in the second film, where he even ignored a chance to hug Ruffnut and instead ran to hug his dragon.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Your suspension is . . . well . . . suspended.

—— Hiccup to Snotlout as they make amends

Snotlout has been known for his conflict between him and Hiccup. This conflict was especially seen when Snotlout, Hiccup and Toothless were caught in a storm and ended up on Outcast Island. Snotlout seemed to show jealously, stating that Hiccup was the one who 'killed the Red Death' and the one who had 'the metal leg'.

One of the biggest differences between him and his book counterpart, is that Snotlout never hesitates to help Hiccup when he's in danger. One of the prime examples in Stryke Out, when Hiccup and Toothless get caught in a trap that Snotlout unintentionally set off, he was hesitant in leaving them behind. When the duo had been taken, Snotlout showed both signs of guilt and determination to find them, more so than most of the other Riders. After rescuing Hiccup and Toothless, he acted as if he wasn't worried about them, despite his actions before.

Deep down, Snotlout has a difficult-to-see respect for Hiccup. When Toothless finally returned, Snotlout was very happy to see the two friends reunited.[3] By the end of Cast Out II, Hiccup and Snotlout seemed to have resolved their differences and became friends, Snotlout saving him and shaking his hand. Over the course of Race to the Edge, the two continue to bicker once in awhile, but they still have developed more respect for one another. Usually Snotlout is against most of Hiccup's plans, but still follows them anyway.

In Tone Death, Snotlout abandons going after Astrid and tell Hiccup he can have her. Snotlout was very excited for Hiccup when he was christened Chief of Berk, even doing a fist pump.


Snotlout, like Fishlegs and Tuffnut, constantly tried to impress Heather, having a minor crush on her. Trying to show that he and his dragon was better than Hiccup and Toothless, he seemingly failed after Hookfang flew off. However, like with Astrid, he only liked Heather for her looks. He even claimed that as he found her, he would get to keep her, not taking into consideration that she was a person.

To find out more about Hookfang, Heather described him as being the most impressive dragon, most likely to try and get Snotlout into telling her dragon secrets. Snotlout, however, stated that he knew this already. Snotlout outwardly showed signs of annoyance at Heather's interest in Hookfang, raising his voice before changing the subject, wanting to talk about him and her instead and how he 'saved her life'.

Snotlout continued his advances when they met again in Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1. Snotlout's reaction to Heather being a part of the Dragon Hunters was not seen, though he seemed disappointed when he learned she was spying on them.

Eventually, after Heather joined the Dragon Riders, he gave up on pursuing Astrid to focus on her. Snotlout didn't understand why Heather would choose bookworm Fishlegs over a stronger Viking like him. Nevertheless, her relationship with Fishlegs doesn't stop Snotlout from trying to whoo Heather.

Spitelout Jorgenson

Snotlout supposedly fears his dad, who in turn, constantly pressurizes and undermines his son. Snotlout is shown to respect his father deeply, though their relationship is fairly rocky. Although afraid of him, Snotlout seems to want to earn some form of approval from his dad. Spitelout always puts huge amounts of pressure on Snotlout, which could in turn explain Snotlout's overall behavior. This was demonstrated during the Thawfest Games, where Spitelout was very disappointed in Snotlout, even slightly threatening. This was because the Jorgenson clan had won every Thawfest so far, and he did not want his own son being the first to lose. However, after Hiccup allowed Snotlout to win, Spitelout was shown to proud of his son, letting him sit on his shoulder whilst the crowd cheered.

Later, Spitelout's view of others and things in general are revealed, revealing that he thinks and has taught Snotlout that 'rest is for the weak', and that he views dragons as nothing more then simple weapons. This was proven when Spitelout compared Hookfang to a sword, saying that if a sword can't be sharpened any longer, you have to get a new one. Snotlout was shocked by this, his father not seeming to care about Hookfang's condition. At the end, when Hookfang is better again, Snotlout claims that his father is wrong and knows nothing about Dragons.

Three years later, Snotlout has seemingly let go his fear for his Father's disappointment of him. Spitelout is even shown to be smiling when Snotlout allows the twins to score points.

Gustav Larson

When Gustav's mother, Mrs. Larson, traded Gustav to Snotlout in exchange for a 'Stone of Good Fortune', which was actually a Changewing egg. Gustav quickly took a liking to Snotlout, and become quickly his assistant and rename him 'Tiny Snotlout'.[4] When Snotlout was convinced he was going to die, he trained Gustav to become his successor, which eventually led to getting his own Dragon, Fanghook.[5] Gustav seems to admire and respect Snotlout. However, he is also shown teasing him at various opportunities.[6]

Astrid Hofferson

Snotlout has a major crush on Astrid in the series and first film, and is shown to flirt a lot with her. However, this crush is one-sided, seeing how Astrid always ends up either mocking, ignoring or hurting him. Snotlout probably likes her for her looks and fighting abilities, rather then her personality. However, when Hookfang was unwell and Snotlout was attempting to cover up his feelings for his dragon, Astrid was quite friendly towards him, showing that she doesn't mind being just friends. By the time of Tone Death, he has given up pursuing Astrid, now that Heather had joined the Riders. Though he still does minor flirtations every now and again.

The two have been known to get into arguments, such as in A Tale of Two Dragons. The two were able to work together to stop their dragons from fighting each other.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston


The Twins have been shown to be friends with Snotlout, sometimes helping him with pranks and tricks. However, the three of them also trick and tease one another quite often, as was demonstrated, when Snotlout distracted them with his medal[7]. In Frozen and Fright of Passage, they have been seen teasing and humiliating Snotlout.[6][8] Three years after the war with the Berserkers and in the events How to Train Your Dragon 2, Snotlout has transferred his affection to Ruffnut and has been constantly hitting on her, even calling her his "princess", despite Astrid pointing out that she tried to bury him alive for a few hours.[9]

Fishlegs Ingerman

Snotlout is somewhat of a bully towards Fishlegs, much like he does with Hiccup. He often mocks him for his ideas, or dragon knowledge, or sometimes even hurts or intimidates him. He eventually gained Fishlegs' respect, at least for a little while, when Fishlegs went Berserk and successfully intimidated Snotlout into giving him the Changewing egg.[4] He also seemed to care for Fishlegs when Meatlug was captured[10], probably because Fishlegs helped him when Hookfang was sick[11]. Snotlout then became enamored with Fishleg's alternate persona, Thor Bonecrusher and was heartbroken when he went back to being plain Fishlegs.[12]

After that, Snotlout and Fishlegs fought for Ruffnut's affection.[9]

Stoick the Vast

Although not much is explained, Snotlout seemed to respect his chieftain. Stoick appeared to be on good terms in Snotlout, even though that the latter sometimes caused mayhem several times, though not as much as the twins. Snotlout was saddened when Stoick died in How To Train Your Dragon 2, and openly shed tears for his late chieftain. He was among the Vikings to fire a flaming arrow onto Stoick's funeral pyre in his honor.

Alvin the Treacherous

像许多博克岛人一样,鼻涕粗一开始也讨厌阿尔文在开始时,he claimed that he wasn't afraid of the him, even trying to attack him. 然而,在他实际上见到阿尔文以后,他很快地改变了他的想法并把手放在武器——一个他小时候就丢失的大头棒上。As the series continued, Snotlout fought the Outcasts alongside with the Riders. 在最后博克岛的保卫者的小插曲中,鼻涕粗被阿尔文从Screaming Death下救了出来。 当钩牙把他们带回Isle of Berk后,Snotlout claimed to have captured Alvin, before fainting. 在阿尔文被鼻涕粗监禁之后,he tells Snotlout that the two of them aren't really that different, both being reckless, bold and questioning the authorities of their leaders. 鼻涕粗甚至把监禁在驯龙学校的阿尔文释放出来去帮助他攻打达格和他的军队。鼻涕粗释放阿尔文的决定后来被小嗝嗝证明是对的。

Dagur the Deranged

即使达格很愚蠢,并且还差点杀了Barf and Belch,鼻涕粗仍在大力地赞扬这个年轻的Berserker首领。[13] Snotlout reacts slightly u当达格还没记住他的名字以为他是'Snothat'时,鼻涕粗沮丧的反应不是很明显。[14] His view on Dagur quickly changed, as Dagur become a frequent enemy of the Riders, and Berk in general, and didn't hesitate to fight him.

Memorable Quotes

How To Train Your Dragon

I've never seen anyone mess up that badly. That helped!

Hiccup already killed a Night Fury, so, does that disqualify him, or . . .?

So anyway, uh, I moved into my parents' basement. You should come by some time to work out. You look like you work out!

Why read words when you can just kill the stuff the words tell you stuff about?

Watch out, babe, I'll take care of this . . .

The sun was in my eyes, Astrid! What do you want me to do, block out the sun? I can do that, but I don't have time right now!

I swear, I'm so angry right now! I'll avenge your beautiful hand and your beautiful foot! I'll chop off the legs of every dragon I fight. With my FACE!

I love this plan!

Where are you going?

I can't miss! What's wrong, buddy? Got somethin' in your eye?

Dragons: Riders Of Berk

Oh, don't worry, we'll go. And when we go, Hookfang and I are gonna light the sky on—FIRE!!

That may work for you and Toothless, but Hookfang and me, we do things a little different. When I want this big boy to do something I just get right in his face and—DROP THAT RIGHT NOW! YOU HEAR ME?!" [Gets "eaten" by Hookfang] "See? He dropped it.

{{Quote|Can someone do that chin scratchy thing?"

I never . . . thought . . . I'd say this . . . but Hiccup . . . HELP!!!

That is Snotlout Manor, and all I need now is a queen.

She may have been trained, but I was born a warrior!

A conqueror? Come on! I'll show Alvin who's a conqueror." [Alvin turns around] "For you, sir."

I've got the map. We're finding that treasure! And you are a horrible lookout!

I'm even better looking than I thought.

Remember, I get to keep her.

Pig-headed dragon.

Crazy? I love crazy! Bring it!

Wait, what's the plan again?

Snotlout! Snotlout! Oi! Oi! Oi!

What are you looking at?

I can't lose. I can't lose.

Go . . . suck . . . rocks.

How long do I have to keep my tongue in here? It's disgusting! I saw Toothless spit in it!

Hiccup's so smart. Hiccup's so brave. He killed the Red Death. He trained the dragons. He's got the metal leg!

Hookfang! [Gets "eaten" by Hookfang] I'm still mad at you!

No, it's my shiny!

Way to go, Hookfang! . . . Go away, Hookfang!

Now that's how you rescue somebody!

Dragons: Defenders Of Berk

So what am I suppose to do with Hookfang if he can't fly? Do you know what happens when his "Inner Warrior" is caged up?" [Hookfang smacks him with burning tail] "THAT is what happens!

If we didn't have slow and really, really slow holding us back, I don't know, maybe we'd have a chance to actually do what we're supposed to be DOING!

Hookfang... I'm right here with you. You are not just another sword, Hookfang.

I just really wanted that yak butter parfait . . .

And while you got your nose buried in the Book of Dragons, I'm out there kicking names and taking butts!




Avenge me! Have lamb for dinner!

I don't understand women.

Snotmare? SNOTMARE?! . . . I kind of like that!

When have we ever started a fight just for the sake of starting a fight? (Hiccup and Astrid look unconvinced) . . . Let me rephrase that.

Come on, Hookfang. Let's go think with our muscles.

You had me at 'stupid'!

I captured him." [passes out]

Unconscious like a fox.

Painful message! Painful message!

Never retreat! Never surrender!

Dragons: Race to the Edge

5000 pounds of flame and muscle coming through!

We almost died for that?!

Into the great beyond!

Monstrous Nightmare gel. Don't leave home without it.

Two bodies, half a brain.

I was lying! You know I'm a liar!

I don't know about you, but like Whiny-Berk-Hiccup way better than Princess-Outpost-Hiccup.

[In sleep] "Oh, Astrid you look like a pillow.

Snotlout is out-lout.

I was framed!

He'll be fine. He got hit by a watch tower.

Can't a Viking get some privacy?!

Did you miss me? I think you did. That's why you threw that tree at me didn't you? Playing hard to get, me likey.

Kid all you want! But I know that dragon! I know what's in his heart and I know what in his head! He will come back to me! He always does!

Too small. Too slow. Two heads.

Snotlout and Hookfang! Oi, oi, oi!

No one is having a sleepover . . . without Hookfang and me!

I knew I should've used a lock stitch, not a cross stitch! Stupid Snotlout, stupid! Oh, Mom's going to be so disappointed in me!

How about this? Who's ever out there, that shouldn't be out there, let's just get on these very effective fire-breathing war machines, and go out and blast them into oblivion!

Mom, Dad, Hiccup punched me! I'm really thirsty.

Heather's not evil? There goes that dream.

Okay, we'll see you when we get back. Have fun! Don't talk to any strange Dragon Hunters!

Yep. The Skrill is gone.

Will you guys do something that is actually important?

I'm sick of this! If these clowns are gonna pull their way . . .

Oh, what are you doing, Hookfang?

I'm trying! It's tangle!

Ha, ha, ha! I pretend to be scared so the dragons wouldn't be!

Hookfang! Carefully!

Hi. I'm looking for a one-legged Viking and a Night Fury. Tell me where they are!

Justice! Get your justice here! Get it while it's hot!

Uh, what happened to Barf & Belch, why is the island sunk, and where did those two Quakens come from? I feel like we missed a lot.

Seriously, is someone going to tell me where those two Quakens came from?

I'm in character Gobber, so no. No I do not realize that.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

Oh, so now you're all about remembering things!

Hey, who made you chief?

So? Who made Stoick chief?" *pauses* "Just wondering.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

[Takes a sheep from Fishlegs] "Oh, I'm sorry Fishlegs! Did you want that?

Did I tell you that you look amazing today? Cuz' you do.

[To Astrid] "She's my princess. Whatever she wants, she gets.

[To Ruffnut] "But baby, I grew facial hair for you.

Black Sheep, baby!


  • Snotlout's helmet has ram horns.
  • In the film, Snotlout is missing a Canine on the right side of his upper row of teeth.
  • He has a female Monstrous Nightmare named Fireworm in the books, but in the film, he's a male and his name is Hookfang.
  • Snotlout was originally going to be a girl in the film.
  • In the books, he is three years older than Hiccup.
  • For some reasons people of Berk was very excited when they saw and thought he was dead.[15]
  • According to Tuffnut, Snotlout has been struck by lightning to the head 12 times. Thus, Tuffnutt can understand and translate what Snotlout is saying when he is struck by lightning.[16]
  • One of the biggest differences about Snotlout is in the books he constantly hoped that something terrible would happen to Hiccup so he could be chief, he tried a few times himself. In the film version, however, whenever Hiccup is in trouble Snotlout tries to help him however he can.
  • In the television series, Snotlout's unlikable nature is often neutralized by the sheer amount of karmic slapstick violence inflicted upon him by the dragons, other teens, or his surroundings in general. Snotlout's recklessness, stupidity and pigheadedness often causes him to meet with comic accidents, or drives the others (usually Hookfang and Astrid) to assault him in response to something he has said or done. Snotlout generally deserves everything that happens him, and this punishing from the universe prevents the viewers from having to actively dislike him.
  • Astrid called Snotlout and Hookfang Snotmare, which he liked.[17]
  • By the end of Defenders of Berk, Hiccup and Snotlout finally became friends[15]. This friendship lasts over How To Train Your Dragon 2.
    • By the end of How to Betray a Dragon's Hero, Hiccup and Snotlout finally became friends. They were together as friends for less than an hour before Snotlout dies.
  • Snotlout seems to be the strongest of the Viking teens (or at least as strong as Astrid).
  • In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid stated that Ruffnut tried to bury him alive.
  • According to the Hooligan Family Tree, Snotface Snotlout has a sister named Adelaide. She is never mentioned apart from that.
  • His weapon of choice is mostly a sword.
  • Snotlout was the one who created the Sheep Launcher used in Dragon Racing.
    • It took him thirty-two tries to finally get it right.[18]


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